The CLEAR Difference: Super-fast 4G Internet at Home and On the Go

CLEAR offers super-fast, take-it-with-you internet that spans entire coverage areas and allows customers to get and stayonline, wherever they are.

Currently available in U.S. cities with over100 million people and several international areas, CLEAR’s on-the-go internet puts an end to the tedious search for a Wi-Fi hot spot.

What is CLEAR?

Founded in 2003, CLEAR is a 4G wireless internet provider. CLEAR has established a strong presence in the US, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, and Mexico. CLEAR’s 4G WiMAX network provides customers with wireless internet access at fast speeds–3-6Mbps, with bursts of up to 10Mbps.

How is CLEAR Different?

While 3G networks were built for making phone calls, CLEAR’s 4G WiMAX network was built exclusively for the internet. CLEAR offers the bandwidth to download movies, upload videos, stream games, and make VOIP calls— four times faster than 3G.

Because CLEAR was built for robust data, it is able to offer fast, affordable, unlimited internet without the data caps or overage chargescustomers may experience with other internet networks.

How Big is CLEAR’s Coverage Area?

CLEAR’s 4GWiMAX network covers entire cities with mobile internet, allowing CLEAR customers to access the internet seamlessly,wherever they are. Currently covering U.S. cities with more than 100 people, CLEAR internet coverage is quickly expanding throughout the country, allowing it to offer nationwide coverage for its customers.

CLEAR’s success comes from providing reliable mobile internet coverage for customers who are tired of paying for internet connections at hotels, poaching Wi-Fi at coffee shops, or missing important messages because of spotty internet coverage.

What do CLEAR’s Customer’s Say?

Clear’s popularity is on the rise, as the company has expanded to new areas quickly and with aplomb. Recent launches in San Francisco, Denver, and Bridgeport, CT were well-received, and customers continue to report pleasant experiences with CLEAR’s 4G mobile network.

Nick Mokey of reports, “When it comes to maximum download speeds, CLEAR blows conventional 3G Internet service out of the water.”

Douglas E., a CLEAR customer in Portland, offers, “CLEAR has turned out to be the most satisfying internet provider I have had to deal with. Start-up was a breeze, and the connection is never less than perfect, no matter where I am.”

Las Vegas resident Robert B. enjoys a range of CLEAR services. “I just started using CLEAR, and it’s such an outstanding service. I work from home, so I’ve been utilizing nearly every feature. Being able to forward calls and check my voicemail through my e-mail account makes things much easier. I can accomplish more at once.”

How Much Does CLEAR Cost?

CLEAR’s mobile 4G network costs less than most basic, wired connections from phone and cable companies. CLEAR mobile internet plans start at $25 a month, andbecause of the company’s transparent approach to pricing, that means $25 a month. With a variety of plans and price points, including VOIP, all-mobile options and bundles, CLEAR provides for every kind of internet user. You can find more information about CLEAR wireless rates at

How Do I Get Started with CLEAR?

To learn more about CLEAR’s 4G WiMax network, coverage area, mobile internet plans, and more, visit your local CLEAR store or click here.