Introducing The Daily for iPad

About The Daily

The Daily is a first-of-its-kind daily national news publication built exclusively as an application for tablet computing. It provides readers the engaging experience of a magazine combined with the immediacy of the web and the need-to-know content of a newspaper, all while elevating user experience beyond the printed word. The Daily is a subscription-based news product, published 365 days a year, at the cost of $0.99 cents a week or $39.99 a year. For more information on The Daily go

iPad Daily News Application

  • The Daily is built from scratch for the iPad by some of the best in the business to bring you a package that’s smart, attractive, and entertaining.
  • On Wednesday, February 2, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation, announced the launch of The Daily on the iPad. Also present were Jon Miller from News Corporation, Eddy Cue from Apple, and The Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Jesse Angelo.
  • The Daily takes full advantage of the iPad’s storytelling and sharing capabilities. Stories, photos, video, audio and graphics come alive the more you touch, swipe, tap and explore.
  • The Daily publishes 365 days a year covering breaking news, sports, pop culture, entertainment, apps, games, technology, opinion, celebrity gossip and more.
  • The Daily is absolutely free for two weeks from the time you download it to your iPad.
  • The Daily is available through Apple’s iTunes subscription service and via the iPad App Store for $0.99 a week or $39.99 a year.
  • The Daily will be offered on additional tablets over the coming months.
  • While The Daily lives on the iPad, web-friendly versions of most of The Daily’s articles and features can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • The Daily covers news, sports, gossip & celebrity, opinion, arts & life, and apps & games.
  • Launch advertisers on The Daily include HBO, Macy’s, Paramount, Pepsi Max, Range Rover, Verizon and Virgin Atlantic Airways.
  • The Daily has bureaus in New York and Los Angeles, and stringers across the country.

Some highlights of The Daily include:

  • Original content every single day of the year
  • Original videos
  • 360-degree photos you can explore by swiping
  • Immersive photography
  • Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable hot spots
  • The option to save articles to read later
  • Web-friendly versions of articles you can share via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail
  • Your favorite sports teams’ scores, news and photos
  • In-app commenting — including audio comments
  • Crossword and sudoku puzzles every day


How often does it publish?

There is a new edition of The Daily early every morning — 365 days a year. The Daily can update with breaking news stories throughout the day, and many articles pull in data from the web at large, so that stories have elements that live in real time.

How do I download the latest issue every day?

Just open The Daily app on your iPad when it’s connected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G. The latest issue will start downloading automatically. You can begin reading almost immediately. No need to wait for the whole issue to download; it will continue in the background as you read.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read The Daily ?
Once you’ve downloaded the day’s issue, there is no need to be connected. All the articles, text and photos will be there; you only need a live connection to stream videos that you’ll find throughout the issue, to pull in the live feeds attached to some articles, and to comment and share. The long and short of it is, there’s plenty to read and do in The Daily when you’re on the subway or otherwise out of range. Being connected makes it better.

Why the iPad?

The Daily was created to take advantage of everything tablet computing can do. Without the legacy of print or even a destination web site, we can focus exclusively on a great tablet computing experience. The iPad offers an incredible reading experience, and being the first of its kind also means there is an existing reader base that can take advantage of The Daily. In the coming months we’ll announce The Daily’s availability on Android tablets, and we’ll also be considering other platforms as people adopt them.

What about sharing with friends that don’t have iPads?

While The Daily lives on the iPad, web-friendly versions of most of its articles can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email. Hit the ‘share’ button at the top right of the app to try it. While the full tablet experience is unavoidably lost in translation, the text, photos and video aren’t — and quite often that’s enough to share articles conversationally with friends and colleagues.

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