Select Quote Reviews:

In today’s web marketplace of opinions, it easy to state your viewpoint without substantiating your opinion.  This is especially true of so called “company reviews.”  So where do you go to get a good and fair review for a company like SelectQuote?  The place to find authoritative reviews on SelectQuote is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  A quick search shows that the BBB gives SelectQuote a ratings of “A+”.  In other words, it’s a great place to buy insurance.  As an authoritative review, the BBB site portrays the correct company story on its business practices and customer satisfaction ratings.

There are many review sites and websites that claim to be reviews but experience shows that they give preference to negative reviews.  Negative stories get clicks and it’s a means for others to profit from the traffic by selling their services or other agendas.  Why?  Because bad news attracts viewers and helps create conversion for their services.  Following the money tells their story.  The results is both harmful to a good business and damaging to consumer choices.  Getting an accurate picture of a company’s product or service is dubious from these so called “review” and “opinion”  sites.

The BBB Review of SelectQuote:

So why does the BBB provide better reviews and what does the BBB review say about SelectQuote?  A simple search of the BBB website at for “SelectQuote” lists the company as a BBB Accredited Business.  By clicking on their head office listings, it provides the consumer with the information they want to know.  The image above is taken from the BBB website.

SelectQuote Review Factors

The BBB had due process for the determination of its ratings that all businesses must comply with to receive their appropriate ratings.  Unlike the review and opinion sites, they are not random or subject to agendas or emotions.  In addition, the BBB can create benchmarks for comparisons within an industry to provide the consumer with good recommendations.   The review ratings for SelectQuote is made up of a number of factors:

  1. BBB Accreditation – a standard for how long the company has been in business which reflects is commitment to its customer base.
  2. Rating Factors – These include length of time the company has been operating.  Most importantly it considers:
    1. Complaint Volume filed for the business of its size.
    2. Response to the complaints
    3. Resolution to the complaints
    4. Sufficient background information on the business
  3. Government Actions – Are there local, State, or Federal actions against the company.
  4. Advertising Reviews – Are there negative reports on SelectQuote advertising practices.

What’s remarkable about SelectQuotes is that they have very little if any complaint reviews (see below).  Give the volume and size of the company, it’s reasonable to expect a high complaint rate.   This low rate speaks to SelectQuote’s commitment to high standards of client service.

Customer Complaints Summary

10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months

Complaint Type

Advertising / Sales Issues: 1
Billing / Collection Issues: 1
Problems with Services: 8
Delivery Issues: 0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues: 0
Total Closed Complaints: 10

It is these factors that make the BBB review of SelectQuote a reliable and credible review for its “A+” rating.

By contrast, a consumer could look at other review sites and find harmful negative posts reviews about SelectQuote.   These reviews are probably made without ever contacting or using the services of SelectQuote.  What would motive an individual to do this is another story, but it supplies the “bad news” for opinion for a review site to post and position to gain more traffic for its ad revenue or other agenda.  Its hard to discern the reason the review is posted.  Is it there because it is real, or motivated by other purposes?  The BBB review cuts though this question.  In the case of SelectQuote, it provides a significantly different picture than other “review” sites.

Personal Client Experiences of SelectQuote

Here is what clients are saying about SelectQuote from other sites which support the stated “A+” rating in the BBB review:

“The Bottom Line: A company that values customers, and a representative that truly impressed me by his response to feedback.”

“Update to my post.  Wow, when a company takes the time to read reviews and then act on them, I have to commend them for it! My representative upon reading my review below took the time to reflect and then contact me about the review.  No excuses, just an honest reflection… and then acted.
I’m a happy customer… SelectQuote, specifically my original representative, initiated the contact, apologized, and offered to go back to the insurance carrier for re-evaluation since my cardiologist review.  Because of his initiative and follow-through, the carrier has approved my policy application and within terms that were originally quoted.  l’ll chalk my original experience up to an exception to the rule, as most companies that act on customer feedback are truly out to deliver excellent service. “

“SelectQuote is the most professional, and by far most efficient, Life insurance sales group I’ve dealt with.  My agent got a $1,000,000 policy issued to me in under three weeks.”

” I researched several Life Insurance companies, then called SelectQuote.  My agent, Stuart, took the time and effort to shop a number of companies.  He produced the right policy at a much lower price than and other company quoted me.”