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Ed Young is the son of Homer Edwin Young, senior pastor of Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas and is the founder and senior pastor of Fellowship Church located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.


Ed Young attended Florida State University where he played basketball and later received his bachelor’s degree from Houston Baptist University.  He went on to complete a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.


Ed Young is one of three brothers.  Like their father, his brothers followed in the Christian ministries.   Ben Young is an associate pastor at Second Baptist and Cliff Young is a former lead singer of the pop Christian band Caedmon’s Call.   Their father, Homer Young, entered university as a engineer, but soon changed course to become a preacher where he was later the pastor of a mega church, Second Baptist Church, and was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, in June of 1992.  In 1978, the family located to Houston, Texas, when Homer took a role at Second Baptist Church.

Ed Young, after graduating college, worked as the associate pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston Texas.  In February 1990, Ed started a new church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a small group of only 150 members. Since then, Fellowship Church has grown to an average weekly attendance of over 20,000 people.

In 2003, Fellowship Church started expanding beyond its main campus by developing smaller campuses.  Each campus would receive a live video feed from the central campus in Grapevine Texas. Currently, there are five church facilities throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area including Miami, Florida.

Ed has been married to his wife, Lisa, for more than twenty-nine years. They have four children and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Dallas Ministry

Ed Young is a pastor, author and conference speaker noted for his creative communication style.  .  He has written 14 books, including Sexperiment, The Marriage Mirror, Outrageous, Contagious Joy, Beauty Full and Kid CEO.

Ed is a frequent conference speaker, and provides resources for church leaders through CreativePastors.com and the Creative Church Conferences (C3). He is the founding and Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church. The church has its main campus just north of the DFW Airport and operates three satellite campuses in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area and one in Miami, Florida.

Ed Young Television a weekly television program, is broadcast to over 360 million homes worldwide and is seen on several networks including Daystar, God TV and TBN. Beginning in November, EYM will be seen on the INSP network as well.

And in 2010, Ed and Fellowship Church launched C3 Global– a network of churches and leaders worldwide. Through C3 Global, Ed unites a diverse group of leaders and provides practical tools for church development, leadership training, and missions endeavors, including a long-term Haiti initiative that since 2010 provided more than a million meals to orphans.


Ed Young and his Fellowship Church, is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.  Though Fellowship is officially a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), it does not publicize its ties with the SBC and is not actively involved in SBC affairs.  The general theological perspective of the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention is represented in the Baptist Faith and Message (BF&M)

In addition to the BF&M, the SBC has also issued the following position statements:

  • Women in ministry — Women participate equally with men in the priesthood of all believers.
  • Soul competency — Affirms the accountability of each person before God.
  • Sexuality — Affirms God’s plan for marriage and sexual intimacy—one man and one woman, for life, through matrimony. Homosexuality, extra-marital sexual relations, and polyamorous relationships are not valid alternative lifestyles.
  • Sanctity of life — At the moment of conception, a new being enters the universe, a human being, a being created in God’s image.
  • Priesthood of all believers — Laypersons have the same right as ordained ministers to communicate with God, interpret Scripture, and minister in Christ’s name.
  • Missions — Honors the indigenous principle in missions. The SBC does not, however, compromise doctrine or its identity for missional opportunities.
  • Creeds and confessions — Statements of belief are revisable in light of Scripture. The Bible is the final word.
  • Cooperation — Identifies the Cooperative Program of missions as integral to the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Church and state — Supports a free church in a free state. Neither one should control the affairs of the other.
  • Autonomy of local church — Affirms the autonomy of the local church.

Books and Writings

In addition to being a leader, pastor and speaker, Ed is also a noted published author. He popular books on leadership and Christian Living including: The Sexperiment (Faith Words – 2012); The Marriage Mirror; Outrageous, Contagious Joy (Penguin); The Creative Leader (Broadman & Holman); The Creative Marriage and Kid CEO (Warner Faith).  Below is list of books and other writings by Ed Young:

  • A Bout With Doubt Study Guide
  • A Dash of Flavour
  • Authority Issues Study Guide
  • beauty FULL
  • Betrayal Study Guide
  • Body for God Cookbook
  • Can We Do That?
  • Character Tour Study Guide
  • Comfortable Study Guide
  • Creative Covenant Marriage Agreement
  • Creative Marriage Study Guide
  • Delicious Small Group Study DVD
  • Doors Study Guide
  • El Espejo Del Matrimonio
  • Evalua Tu Noviazgo y Evita Un Fiasco
  • Flavour Journal
  • Forgiveness – the Real F Word Study Guide
  • He Said / She Said Journal
  • Creative Marriage Journal
  • High Definition Living
  • Ignite Study Guide
  • Refining and purifying your faith
  • In the Zone Book
  • In the Zone Study Guide
  • ineed2change.com Study Guide
  • Juicy Fruit Study Guide
  • Kid CEO
  • Know Fear
  • Life’s Too Short Study Guide
  • Mission Possible Study Guide
  • Outrageous, Contagious Joy
  • Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating
  • Retro Study Guide
  • RPM’s Study Guide
  • Sexperiment
  • Sexual Revolution Study Guide
  • Snapshots of the Savior Study Guide
  • Explore the richness and depth of Christ’s character
  • The Creative Leader
  • The Creative Marriage
  • The Marriage Mirror
  • The Table Study Guide
  • Tri God Study Guide
  • Virtuous Reality Study Guide
  • Wired for Worship Study Guide
  • X-Trials Study Guide
  • The Journey to the Center of Your Worth

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