US Jesco Social Media Websites

US Jesco is well known for its many website promoting popular household items, such as Mr. Sticky and the Dusting Wand. What is not as well known is their social media sites. US Jesco has three primary social media sites that are use to help them develop and recruit new employees.

Each site serves a particular purpose for the attraction of new hires.  For example, the Facebook site, the more playful of the three sites, is visually rich with event pictures and the people that participate in these events.  A quick scan of the Facebook page reveal a company culture where the employee enjoys what they are doing.  The Facebook site has been active since the fall of  2009 and has built up its “like” factor to over 350 likes.

US Jesco on Facebook

USJesco on Facebook is a tapestry of employee interactions that gives the strong impression that US Jesso is not only a fun place to work, but extremely social. The many pictures posted by employees are entertaining and tells the story that these people enjoy what they do.

US Jesco on Twitter

USJesco on Twitter is another fun place for US Jesco. Although these are hard working people, you can tell that they don’t take themselves too seriously. As US Jesco hires many actors, you can tell from the lighthearted tweets that this company has an informal side to it.

US Jesco on LinkedIn

USJesco on LinkedIn is the more formal of the social media sites with connections to current and former employees. Although LinkedIn is not a review site, it acts as one as people connect to this company page. As such, it’s a great indicator of their popularity and the positive experience employees have working at US Jesco.

The combination of these three sites are designed to help prospective employees evaluate the company culture and get a sense of if it is right for them.  In addition, it has served as an efficient screening process for those that may not be a cultural fit.  If social media is a measure of company spirit, then a quick scan of the US Jesco social media sites tells the story that this is a great place to work and enjoy what you do.

About US Jesco

US Jesco International is the industry leader for live product presentations and providing innovative products online.   Our product presentations are presented similar to a live, television infomercial. They exemplify retail-tainment, a unique blend of retail and entertainment, making a store or special event a more interesting and fun place to visit.

US Jesco represents a wide variety of products including: Mr. Sticky Lint Roller, Microfiber Cleaning, System, Magicloth Chamois, Master Cut 2 Knives, Chef’s Envy V Slicer, Chef’s Rival, Sweep Express, Gourmet Cheese Mill, PVA Mop, Hella Cool Copters