US Jesco uses Facebook to help completed its social media strategy for the job fulfillment process, and to meet its ongoing demand for new hires.  US Jesco is an  industry leader for live product presentations and bringing to market innovative new home products.

US Jesco Jobs

To help US Jesco fill the demand for its live product presentations as well as to retain and develop a group of sales actors, US Jesco developed three key social media sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Each site serves a particular purpose for the attraction of new hires.  The Facebook site, the more playful of the three sites, is visually rich with event pictures and the people that participate in these events.  A quick scan of the Facebook page reveal a company culture where the employee enjoys what they are doing.  The Facebook site has been active since the fall of  2009 and has built up its “like” factor to over 350 likes.

Another benefit of the Facebook format is its interactivity. Potential employees who have questions can post their queries on the company page, and receive a thoughtful answers.  As well, popular posts addressing common questions can easily be found. On a similar note, employees can share a particular article, video or post with friends and family members quickly and easily as they travel and perform.  This opens a window inside the company to help attract talented sales actors.

Much of the content shared on the company’s  Facebook page comes from current and former employees.   This provides a wealth of information about what makes US Jesco a great company to work for.  Employee insights provide a down-to-earth writing style that makes today’s prospects for sales actors comfortable with the culture of US Jesco.

US Jesco is an international company and many of the Facebook stories include international events along with pictures and videos  For potential new hires in the promotion industry, it conveys the message that here is a company that both works and plays.

The combination of the three scoial media sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, are designed to give prospective employees a picture of the company culture and for them to get a sense  if it’s right for them.  It also serves as an efficient screening process for those that may not be a fit.

About US Jesco

US Jesco International is the industry leader for live product presentations and providing innovative products online.   Our product presentations are presented similar to a live, television informercial. They exemplify retail-tainment, a unique blend of retail and entertainment, making a store or special event a more interesting and fun place to visit.

US Jesco represents a wide variety of products including: Mr. Sticky Lint Roller, Microfiber Cleaning, System, Magicloth Chamois, Master Cut 2 Knives, Chef’s Envy V Slicer, Chef’s Rival, Sweep Express, Gourmet Cheese Mill, PVA Mop, Hella Cool Copters