About Puritan Financial Group

Puritan Financial Group LogoPuritan Financial Goup Inc. is a set of companies delivering services for the financial needs of retirees and individuals approaching the retirement age. Puritan works in financial planning for the experienced investor, supplying investment advice, insurance products and financial services tailored to offer low-risk financial solutions, competitive return rates and positive income streams.

Puritan’s business units consist of:

  • Puritan Investment Advisors, Inc., (“PIA”)
  • Puritan Financial Group, Inc., (“PFG”, “Puritan” or “Puritan Life”)
  • Puritan Brokerage Services, Inc., (“PBS”)
  • Puritan Life Insurance Company (“PLI”)

Puritan Financial Group gives its investors the opportunity to allocate their assets in financial vehicles as mutual funds. Mutual funds facilitate the collections of assets from several investors, which are in turn managed by an investment professional; since mutual funds are relatively liquid, investors have ease of access to their funds. Other services supplied by the Puritan Financial Group include life insurance, health insurance supplement options, annuities and brokerage services.

Press Releases on Puritan Life:

Medical Supplement Insurance

Puritan Financial Group recently announced its continued direct relationship with Mutual of Omaha for medical supplement Insurance. Puritan Financial Group is a broker for medical supplement insurance and the relationship between the two companies since 2010 for medical supplement insurance continues to exceed expectations for clients served by Puritan.

Puritan gives back to Bridge Builders of Texas

Puritan Financial Group announced today that its employees have committed to donate their lunch breaks for six weeks to mentor at H.I.S. BridgeBuilders. BridgeBuilders has served the City of Dallas to advance urban transformation.

Puritan Financial introduces Wealth Management Group

Puritan Financial Companies, Inc. has recently added a new division to their growing company. Their Wealth Management Group has been established to provide financial and investment advice to clients and successor trustees through the estate settlement process.

Contact Puritan Financial Group

If you have questions, pick up the phone and talk to a Puritan Adviser. Puritan customer service staff enjoys hearing from you and would be happy to help you with your financial needs.  Contact us at

Web:  http://www.puritanlife.com/about-puritan/contact-us/

Phone:  1-800-513-3243