ChannelIQ Channel Management  SoftwareAuthorized Retailer Badges are the only trusted claim to a relationship between a manufacturer and retailer that build consumer confidence, signal a quality online shopping experience and guarantee an authentic product.

Channel IQ Authorized Retailer Badging for Manufactures – Consumers shop online for the products they love from places that feel secure. Authorized Retailer Badges remind consumers that a trusted online merchant is more important than the lowest price, which is often misleading. Show your support for your authorized online merchants and control where your customers are buying online.

Channel IQ Authorized Retailer Badging for Retailers – Channel IQ’s Authorized Retailer Badges and the Certificate of Authenticity keep your customers on the product page, bringing trusted information to them so they can build the confidence to make the sale. Authorized Retailer Badges can funnel increased sales toward your site and improve your margins.

The Channel IQ Authorized Retailer badge, located visibly on your product page, presents consistent messaging and educates your customers on the benefits of buying from a trusted online merchant.