New Ways in Which Businesses Communicate

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Business Feature, Jobs Featured

In these difficult economic times, most business owners feel compelled to cut down costs and implement goal-oriented changes to manage their companies in a cost-effective manner. In this particular context, flawless communication represents the key to success.

Numerous companies have offices in different parts of the globe or hire remote employees. To be able to monitor the progress of their staff members and cultivate an excellent relationship with clients and partners, owners have to rely on modern business communication solutions designed to help them save time and money without making any kind of quality compromises.

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UC Systems Are a Solid Ally for all Companies Striving to Improve Business Communication

Face-to-face meetings are not always a valid option, since travel costs can easily overbalance a company’s budget. According to Wikipedia, Unified communications is an evolving set of technologies that automates and unifies human and device communications in a common context and experience. It optimizes business processes and enhances human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.”

Howstuffworks reveals that UC systems have become incredibly popular over the past few years and are currently seen as an excellent time and cost-effective alternative by most business owners who strive to increase their profit margins and improve relationships with clients and staff members at the same time.

The same source indicates that  UC systems typically involve a whole host of communications solutions that save time — one of the most basic approaches a company can adopt to save money — by connecting employees, clients and databases in more meaningful ways. Plus, with the advent of 3G and 4G networks, this can even apply to mobile participants.”

Also a poll indicates that 10% of all employees from different parts of the Globe work from home on a daily basis. To be able to operate more efficiently, companies employing telecommuters (or teleworkers) should be able to profit from tools and systems designed to ensure a flawless communication between all team members.

At this is point in time, telework is currently being facilitated by a generous selection of accessible tools, including videoconferencing, virtual private networks, virtual call center, conference calling, and VOIP (Voice over IP). These tools can be very useful and usually represent an exceptional long term investment because they enable employees “to communicate over long distances, saving significant amounts of travel time and cost.” Videoconferencing solutions represent one of the best options at hand because they enable users to connect with a large audience. Moreover, meetings organized using videoconferencing platforms have an effectiveness comparable to the one displayed by face-to-face interactions, because they manage to eliminate communicational barriers that usually appear between interlocutors who are thousands of miles away from each other.

The Blue Jeans Network eliminates all conceivable communicational barriers and generates noticeable productivity increases. Multi-party cloud conferencing represents the simplest, safest, most convenient method to organize meetings, share and discuss creative ideas and make inspired business decisions in the long run. This alternative comes with a generous selection of attractive benefits, including scalable cloud service, 100% secure meetings, video sharing, rich content sharing, multi-device interoperability, browser and mobile integration, HD content sharing, simple user management options and non-stop customer support.

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When it comes to selecting the very best business communication tools, potential prospects should go in favor of a cloud-based videoconferencing solution enabling them to:

  • Get in touch with a large audience on time and on budget, without investing a significant amount of money in additional software or hardware components.
  • Host multi-party meetings to connect with a large group (approximately 25 endpoints).
  • Organize a meeting that can gather participants from different parts of the globe who rely on different devices (mobile phones, laptops, PCs) and different platforms (LifeSize, Cisco, Google Video Chat and so on) to collaborate with all their co-workers anytime, anywhere.

According to Mashable, “more and more small companies and individuals are adopting video conferencing and collaboration platforms as a way to stay connected. As working from home becomes more common and prices for videoconferencing come down, the compelling reasons for utilizing video communications technology are starting to pile up. Web meetings are not just a good way to connect a far-flung team. They also cut costs, boost productivity and more.”

Why Is It Imperative to Improve Business Communication?

Poor business communication will inevitably affect your competitiveness and your profit margins. When business owners don’t have the technological means required to establish solid, fruitful relationships with clients and employees, they are inevitably forced to cope with a huge drawback that stops them from getting and staying one step ahead of their main competitors.

The numbers provided by the Holmes Report clearly indicate that poor communication is responsible for major financial losses reported by UK and U.S.-based companies of all sizes, operating in different sectors.

According to the report, $37 billion represents the “total estimated cost of employee misunderstanding (including actions or errors of omission by employees who have misunderstood or were misinformed about company policies, business processes, job function or a combination of the three) in 100,000-employee companies, among 400 surveyed corporations in the U.S. and U.K. (average cost per company is $62.4 million per year).”

The same source highlights another alarming fact associated with less than satisfactory business communication: $26,041 is the estimated value of “the cumulative cost per worker per year due to productivity losses resulting from communications barriers.”

To annihilate communicational barriers and any other kind of obstacle that could affect your relationship with remote workers and clients, consider investing in modern, accessible, sophisticated, yet extremely easy to use videoconferencing systems.

As long as you have Internet connection, an account and a video-enabled device, you can rely on a service like the Blue Jeans Network to simplify your daily tasks, establish a strong connection with remote workforce and keep costs under control at all times. HD content sharing, easy scheduling, time and cost-effective multi-party meetings, interoperability and non-stop client support are only a few advantages that you should take into consideration, when it comes to implementing your first business videoconferencing solution.

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