Every year people use the Internet to search for work more and more often. Online resources have become a serious competitor to various publications: available newspapers and bright magazines, ads and leaflets on the boards. Undoubtedly, the Internet itself can not offer such services as to post a resume or find a job. For these purpose there are special resources that inform people about job opportunities and help every visitor find work.

Online portals provide an opportunity not only to read jobs classifieds added by large and small enterprises, but also to place resumes from individuals, i.e. all citizens who wish to find a job. This is extremely convenient. After the applicant post his/her resume only on one specialized site, it will be repeatedly read by many employers who are actively looking for the staff. Of course, the resume should be of high quality and well-formed. It should be posted in the right category, according to modern trends and contain a “unique job offer” to be able to  compete with other bidders.

Positive feature of submitting a resume in such a way is the fact that the applicant can promptly inform the employer about his/her desire to work. It is only necessary to email a short message to the employer which contains the link to the resume published online. This method of submitting a resume is becoming extremely popular among the employers and among the applicants.

Resumes, as well as vacancies, should be posted on specialized resources.

Even before visiting any job sites those who are trying to find an opening have to know everything about the place, the industry and scope of activities in his/her future work. The candidates should know the name of the position and the specialty. In large cities with numerous traffic jams the place of work (district, close to the subway, free parking places, etc.) can significantly affect the choice of the applicant. And, of course, it is necessary to know the specific salary range for this specialty. Also you need to determine the general conditions of labor and types of employment: full-time, part-time, etc. Precise knowledge of everything mentioned above can make your choice much easier and reduce the job search process not only online but also in real life.

Job search usually takes more than one week. Subscription for the vacancies is a very useful feature. By subscribing you will receive the openings matching your search criteria on your email. Newsletter comes out every hour. You will learn about new vacancies immediately after the publication and this is very important, as the HR manager carefully reads those resumes which come first. Subscription will also help those who are not in a state of active job search, but looks for a vacancy in the necessary specialty in order to be aware of the current situation in the labor market or would like to change a job if there are better proposals.