Press videoconferencing is a way for national journalists to connect, regardless of their location, and be able to report on the same breaking news stories as they occur in real time. But it is more than that, as it also offers a way for companies to share important information with their employees, shareholders and clients. With the Blue Jean online video conferencing, cloud-based service, all people need is a strong Internet connection in order to participate in calls.

A video press conference can be run in a similar fashion as the traditional press conferences that have been used by public speakers for decades. While it does require some planning and at least a basic outline on what will be discussed, it takes away the need to make travel arrangements and choose a data and time convenient for everyone involved. In fact, it makes it easier to call last-minute meetings since attendees do not need to be in physical attendance to receive the message.

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, “93 percent of communication is nonverbal.” Relying on communications strictly by phone or email with people who work or live in different locations can lose something. But videoconferencing allows the face-to-face connection, which can include nonverbal communication. This can help get a point across, show emphasis where necessary and add a more personal touch to meetings and press conferences.

Since a press conference generally involve one or two primary speakers addressing an audience, it is helpful for them to use hand gestures and nonverbal mannerisms to get their points across. It is easy for things to be taken the wrong way or misconstrued when delivered via text, but adding a live-feed video stream allows the speaker to use several forms of communication together to better express themselves and deliver the speech in a tone that reflects the nature of the topic and for it to be delivered the way it was intended to come out.

Videoconferencing Is the Way of the Future

Press conferences by way of videoconferencing is gaining traction as more business people are discovering how easy they are to to use and be able to deliver key information across multiple forums in the shortest amount of time. Though the concept has grown in popularity in recent years, that trend is expected to continue.

A survey by Redshift Research shows that 96 percent of business people believe that videoconferencing can help close the gap and bring a more personal aspect to doing business over long distances. Those who ranked it as their preferred communication method now only make up 47 percent, but by 2016, that number is expected to jump up to 52 percent, making it the top way to communicate with business associates.

What will help press videoconferencing gain momentum is the quickly advancing technologies. Newer technical issues and clearer lines of communication make it easier to transmit and receive messages without being kicked off of the platforms and having to constantly reenter meeting rooms. According to Business Insider, working remotely presents a unique set of communication issues. “Compared to just a few short years ago, this technology is now much more stable and reliable.”

Using a Press Video Conference for Business

Press conferences are widely known for political speeches and by sports players and teams who hold media events to make announcements. But they aren’t only available for these purposes. Any business can use the technology available to hold a video press conference.

A press video conference running through sites like Blue Jeans can be used to relay messages about a business, whether it be a directive from the owner to the employees or a message from the company to relay information to customers about new products or services through the Internet. In these new conferences, key speakers are able to address a wide audience without them having to be in physical attendance. When used on a large scale, it is simple for messages sent without a response. On a smaller scale, however, the speaker may open the floor to allow questions or comments at the end of their speech.

Progression of Videoconferencing

When the idea was first developed, there were still many issues to be worked out. Now, cloud-based services like the Blue Jean online videosprovide an excellent way to communicate across multiple platforms with ease. They present a way for press videoconferencing to take place with minimal distractions and allow speakers to reach a larger number of people without spending extra money to access these people or time tracking them down. If meetings do become full of distractions and very little gets accomplished, its easy to solve by having smaller, more frequent meetings, encouraging participants to click their mute button to limit the amount of background noise to give the speaker the floor and making the conference a more effective use of time.