Temperatures are plummeting, sales of  Lemsip are skyrocketing, blocks of ice are forming around stationary cars and magical snowmen are stealing children for the evening – winter is looming its frosty head, so it’s time for a holiday before the flu bug hits.

But where can you go to enjoy wintry events and gain that big city buzz?

Well, we’d recommend London, which is exactly why we’ve made this list of winter events occurring around the capital. So drop your car off at the Gatwick meet and greet, grab transport into the centre of London and enjoy what this city has to offer.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

In December, Hyde Park – usually home to an endless array of joggers, dog walkers and jogging dog walkers – becomes home to more festive cheer than Santa Clause bellowing, “MERRY CHRISTMAS” atop a giant reindeer.

There’s a giant observation wheel, two circuses, an ice rink, an “ice kingdom” – all providing family fun and festive cheer.

Find out whodunit

Sherlock Holmes has seen a huge resurgence in popularity recently, what with the hugely successful BBC adaptation and all. And it’s a fever that the Museum of London is hoping to capitalise on, with its latest exhibition of Holmes paraphernalia.

With notes from Arthur Conan Doyle, examinations of the detective’s lasting appeal, original manuscripts and even the dressing gown that Benedict Cumberbatch wears in the TV series, it’s the ideal show for anyone looking to geek out for an afternoon – you’ll be able to visit when it opens on October 17th.

A very Kew Christmas

Kew Gardens features one of the most jaw-dropping winter designs you’re likely to see in the UK, with sparkling fairy lights drenching every tree and fountains illuminated in festive colours.

In front of Palm House, you’ll see flames gallop and soar to the tune of The Nutcracker, while a traditional Victorian carousel will give you some old-school fun. It’s one of the most romantic locations outside of Paris, making it the perfect place to woo a festive fling.

Bond in Motion

Bond, James Bond – master spy, license to kill, loves a drink and is massively inappropriate towards his secretary. Men want to be him and women, despite his creepy double entendres, want to be with him.

And, until December 31st, the London Film Museum is letting you see a major part of his charm, with their exhibition of his most famous vehicles.

Cars, motorbikes, snow sleds, boats and all the other classics you could hope to see are present and correct, as well as the original storyboards for your favourite chase scenes.

So chuck that box set to one side and feel the reality of Bond at the London Film Museum.