Modern Hearing Loss Solutions

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Health Featured

Hearing loss is a growing problem in Western countries, especially the United States of America. A modern lifestyle contributes to permanent damage to the sensitive anatomy of the ears. For example, digital devices like portable media players can blast loud music right into the ears. Small ear buds and headphones are designed to optimize audio, which can actually be very harmful. These days, young adults may spend multiple hours per day listening to music and other recordings on headphones. Music concerts and other live events use powerful audio equipment that blasts very loud sound. Similarly, nightclubs often have extremely powerful speakers and other audio devices that can cause hearing damage.

Healthcare companies that specialize in providing hearing loss solutions focus on educating the public on such important health issues. For example, there are plenty of jobs that come with occupational hazards resulting from loud noise. Airplanes, power tools, construction and factory machinery produce sounds that exceed a rating of 100 on the decibel scale. People working in certain settings must wear protective gear such as earmuffs and noise cancelling headphones. In a matter of seconds, exposure to intense noise leads to irreversible ear damage. Kids can also learn about proper ways to minimize noise levels from digital devices. Even computer speakers and entertainment systems might be loud enough to generate audio that’s harmful to young ears.

Manufacturers of hearing aids understand the unique challenges that people face when diagnosed with hearing loss. There are initiatives to conduct hearing tests across the United States with the hope of preventing the prevalence of this condition. Most primary schools in the nation conduct hearing tests on children every year in order to detect any noticeable ear problems at an early age. Certified audiologists perform these examinations, which take only a few minutes to complete. A hearing test involves the generation of sound at different intensity levels and frequency. A certified audiologist can accurately evaluate a graph that’s produced based on a patient’s response to the generated sound.

People who are diagnosed with hearing problems may be referred to a medical specialist who can further investigate any issues. For example, ringing in the ears is a common problem that exists independent of hearing loss. However, tinnitus is a type of condition that may indicate trouble with hearing sounds at normal decibel levels. Otolaryngology professionals might be able to thoroughly check the entire ear canal and diagnose any visible physical problems. These specialists know the anatomy of the ear quite well. Additionally, otolaryngologists can also link problems in the ear with other parts of the body such as the throat and nose. After all, these inner canals are interconnected.

People who are interested in fighting the rampant problems of hearing loss can work for companies that provide hearing aid solutions. Such enterprises need skilled salespeople, audiologists, marketing specialists and other qualified individuals. A company like Miracle Ear and other businesses are examples of hearing aid suppliers. Modern medical technology makes it possible to manufacture invisible hearing aids that appeal to young people with hearing loss. Some of the most innovative devices can be inserted directly into the ear canal for inconspicuous wearing.

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