Ugh, you think as you raise yourself from bed at 6am for the fourth time this week. You stagger to the bathroom, yawning and scratching your stomach like a bear as you go. But when you reach the bathroom mirror, the nightmare begins.

Indeed, it’s like Halloween comes early every morning. Your eyes are puffier than a puffer fish; your skin resembles an arid desert; Neanderthals have better hair than you; and you still feel knackered.

At times it feels like you’ll never perfect your morning routine to look good, or overcome those baggy eyes and forlorn follicles. But try a few of these tips and you’ll gain better health and a brighter wakeup call.

Finer follicles                                

The next time you’re washing your hair, consider all the dodgy chemicals and lathering agents polluting it. The vast majority of high street shampoos are, despite their great value, making your locks less healthy with every scrub.

Instead, try out a natural shampoo that’s free of all those mucky chemicals for hair that won’t seem dried out and frizzy. Before you know it, you’ll be claiming you’re worth it to passing strangers and wielding your luscious locks like a Garnier assassin.

You snooze, you win

In our 24/7 lives of manic hustle and bustle, sleeping can sometimes feel like a luxury. And, partly because of our addiction to screens, trying to get to sleep when you’ve got the chance is more likely to leave you staring at the ceiling for a few hours until the sun comes up.

For a healthy sleep, stay away from screens for a few hours before bed. More than this, take steps to de-stress before bed. Whether it’s with breathing exercises or yoga, anything could be the key to a good night’s sleep.

A diet riot

Are you surviving on a diet of Domino’s pizza, Diet Coke, foot-long Subways and the occasional McDonald’s breakfast? Then the distress of your morning routine could be because of an awful diet.

Replace that endless junk with food high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These superfoods (mainly fruit and veg) will help you battle through a day and give the energy to wake up in the morning.

And, contrary to the belief of most five-year-olds, veggie foods don’t have to taste rubbish. Learn how to cook with pizzazz by adding sauces and beets to any meal. Soon, you’ll be revelling in a taste explosion. You won’t even notice those Domino’s pizzas are gone.