Consider Corporate E-greeting Cards to save on your Marketing Budget

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Technology Featured

There is a reason why the business e-greeting cards have managed to acquire such an important place in the commercial realm. From the financial point of view, they are great money savers for businesses since they perform manifold functions without burning a hole in the pocket. As such they can be a great addition to the entire marketing mix of businesses (small, medium or large enterprises).

There are several merits of sending over corporate holiday ecards instead of printed cards. Your efforts of creating a memorable experience for your clients by wishing them on auspicious occasions facilitate value-addition to your business in a major way. Before the festive season (i.e. Christmas) ensues in its full swing it is only advisable that you acquaint yourself with the merits of implementing one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies through e-greeting cards.

E-greeting Cards are Cost Efficient

The digitized solutions are much more cost-effective than their traditional paper counterparts. You are not required to spend on the paper or else shell out considerable amount of time and money in preparing hand-crafted greeting cards. The recruitment of a separate team to compose these hand-written cards (and thus shell out money for the same) is not required as well.

E-greeting cards drive brand awareness by bolstering user engagement

Owing to the fact that these cards are delivered via electronic means, entrepreneurs can access an entire gamut of web technologies like photography, animations and videos to render a personal touch to these cards. The combination of these technologies would only help to create a richer user experience.

Small businesses, bound by financial constraints, often fail to adopt a flexible marketing strategy. The corporate greeting cards, however, create new marketing opportunities. You can jolly well leverage this trustworthy channel by laying the foundation for customer confidence. Clients who had done business with you a long time ago are reminded of your presence in the market. You can leverage this awareness to promote new service or products in the future.

The E-greeting cards entail metrics which are measurable

Most of the corporate e-cards are developed using HTML5 and Flash. As such, it becomes easier for business owners to track response. They can leverage the analytics technologies in order to determine the results of their innovative marketing campaign. If you are sending out e-mails with a link of the e-card being incorporated in them, you can jolly well acquire further statistical information in order to determine whether at all people opened the greeting card or not etc. This is something where the e-cards score over the paper cards as well. It is impossible to secure such metrics with paper e-cards.

Plus you have your clients appreciating your efforts towards environment sustainability as well. Sending out e-cards implies zero involvement of paper, which is definitely a great way of creating the much needed positive impact on clients or potential customers.


At the end of the day, it is only advisable that entrepreneurs do consider this cost-effective marketing tool with proven efficacy.


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