No matter what type of business you run, improving your brand awareness can hold the key to success. So what is brand awareness, why does it matter, and what are some tips and tricks to improve it for your business?

Brand awareness is, quite simply, the extent to which a brand is recognised by potential customers. All advertising and marketing, particularly in the early days of a business, should be targeted at making more people aware of who you are and what you do. Potential customers being able to correctly identify what it is that your brand does is essential to your long-term success.

With improved brand awareness, you not only reach more customers and have more people understanding what you do, you also get more of the right kind of people seeking out your business as people become familiar with your brand and what it stands for. It is also fair to say that improved brand awareness means that a business gets lent a certain amount of credibility. The “oh yes, I have heard of them” discussion can do wonders for people’s trust in a brand and people are more likely to engage with your business if they feel it is reliable and reputable.

There are a number of ways in which you can improve brand awareness, and here are our top three:

1) Promotional products: branded promotional products such as bags or pens are an invaluable tool to increase brand awareness, and are available from Promotional Products Experts. Mugs that start appearing on people’s desks or umbrellas with your logo on them help get the profile of your business up and visible to a wide network.

2) Sponsor events: Sponsoring events not only gets your brand and message out to targeted groups of people, it also creates good will. You have helped out a community or sports event that has a natural link to your business and the participants and spectators of that event now feel a sense of obligation to support you in return. This also offers you an opportunity to distribute promotional products and give people a little reminder of your brand to take home.

3) Advertise: advertising, both in traditional and more inventive ways, is a straight forward way to get your messages out there and increase people’s familiarity with your business and brand. Think outside the box and your business might just be on the way to becoming a household name!