Dangers of Doing Crack Cocaine

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Crack cocaine, commonly known as crack, is the crystalline form of the drug. Cocaine is generally found in powdered form but crack cocaine is solid. According to its make up, crack cocaine is found in varying colors from yellow to light pink or white. Crack is processed with either baking soda or ammonia and made into a form that can be smoked. Crack cocaine is the most potent form of cocaine, which is now abused for its stimulatory effects and poses the highest risks as well.

Method of intake

Crack cocaine is smoked as opposed to other forms, such as either snorting or injecting. Smoking this drug allows it to reach the nervous system rapidly and brings about very intense and immediate effects. The effects are short lived and only stay for about ten to fifteen minutes. Crack is a cheap drug as opposed to other forms of cocaine and that makes it easier for young people and especially teenagers to buy.


Crack cocaine is one of the most powerful drugs causing physical and psychological dependence of the user.  The drug causes stimulation of the pleasure centers of the brain and heightens the sensation of euphoria or getting ‘high.’ The body soon develops tolerance against the short acting drug and makes the user intensely crave for more. The person then takes the drug in a higher dose to achieve the same effect. The vicious cycle keeps going on until the person becomes dangerously addicted to the drug. If the person does not take the drug he or she can become depressed, anxious and irritable. Generally one or two doses of crack are enough to make the person addicted. The addiction to crack is so strong that it makes the person intensely depressed if he or she does not get their dose of crack. The depression and anxiety becomes so severe that they become willing to do anything – legal or illegal – in order to get their drug.

Short-term effects

When a person smokes crack, they start to feel out of this world, like they are having the best moment of their lives. Once the effect wears off, they spend all their energy trying to get the same effect again, which doesn’t always happen. Moreover, as soon as the stimulatory effects of crack cocaine wear off, the person literally starts feeling the opposite. Extreme anxiety, loss of appetite and negative feelings like paranoia are a few side effects the users experience. Crack also causes increased heart rate and blood pressure, and panic and psychosis are common, while high doses can lead to seizures and coma.

Long-term effects

According to OK Bail Bonds (Click Here) when a person smokes crack for long periods of time their lips get damaged with blisters due to the use of the hot pipe which is used to smoke the drug. The teeth are also affected and long-term users of crack usually have either broken or stained teeth. Continued use leads to loss of appetite leading to malnutrition and insomnia.

The more severe effects of crack are on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and the nervous system of the body. Crack addicts develop cough, shortness of breath and chronic lung diseases. Hypertension (high blood pressure) can cause heart attacks and stroke leading to death. Long term abusers of crack cocaine, both men and women, suffer from sexual dysfunction and infertility. The drug is also known to affect the kidney and the liver. This causes defects in various metabolisms of the body and lead to diseases like renal and hepatic failure. Overall, crack cocaine poses deadly risks of the user and just one dose of the drug can ruin a person’s life.

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