When you drive a cab for a living, one of the major risks you face is being attacked. Muggings, and even murder, are not entirely uncommon for cabbies – they’re easy targets. In fact, cabdrivers are 60 times more likely than other workers to be murdered while on the job. Most fatalities happen at night when the driver is in the cab.

And, most injuries are due to head and neck injuries, by gunshot. You sit in a vehicle all day, and you may have set routes that can be monitored. Here’s how to protect yourself from random, or premeditated, acts of violence.

Use Partitions

Partitions are an excellent way to wall yourself off from passengers. It might initially seem like an unfriendly way to run a cab business, but most people are understanding of your need to have one. A simple partition can be installed by a skilled mechanic in about 30 minutes to an hour and it can provide an enhanced level of security to drivers.

If you’re not the owner or boss, request this feature be added to your cabs.

Accidents involving cab drivers that are discovered to be preventable may push liability for the accident onto the owner of the cab company. And, while you don’t want to threaten or intimidate your boss, you also don’t want to take any unnecessary risks when you’re out there on the road.

Law firms like CabAccidentLegalNY.com see a lot of cases where simple preventative measures would have been sufficient to avoid injury.  The main upshot to an upgrade, even a serious one – bulletproof glass – is that the driver may walk away from an otherwise unpleasant robbery or attempted murder.

Equip Vehicles With GPS Distress Signaling

A GPS distress signaling device can alert the HQ and police that you’re being robbed or that there’s an attempt on your life. Rather than face off with the robber or criminal yourself, this will call help and hopefully authorities will arrive on the scene in time to help you.

Allow Cab Drivers To Drive With Firearms

This is a bit controversial, and illegal in some states, but carrying a firearm right in the front of the cab can often be one of the best deterrents to violence. This, combined with a partition, may prevent you from having to even seriously worry about someone getting into your cab to rob or kill you.

Of course, with a firearm in the vehicle, it would need to be properly secured and you’re at a disadvantage without a partition or some way to protect yourself from an attack from behind. You also don’t want the weapon stolen from you and used against you – hence the need for a partition and a secure location for the firearm.

But, if the criminal exits the vehicle and comes around the front, you’ll be well-prepared and able to defend your life, before the police can even close their squad car door to come help you.

Use Security Cameras

Security cameras are another way to deter crime. When criminals believe that someone is watching them, they may not go through with their plans.

Laurence P. Banville is a founding partner at Banville Law and has extensive experience with cab driver issues. He enjoys blogging about his experience and insights.