What to Know Before Renting a Portable Toilet

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Entertainment Feature

Bathroom 5Even if there will be public restrooms available at your next event, taking the initiative to rent portable toilets for the venue is an environmentally responsible thing to do because they use so little water. It’s also a tactic that will ensure your guests’ comfort and minimize time that has to be spent in line waiting for the restroom. With the help of portable sanitation facilities, you’ll find that more people have a smile on their faces, and stay longer throughout the course of your event.

Before you set off to rent portable toilets for your event, there are some things that need to be considered. In addition to making a list of your own concerns to address, you’ll want to think about these factors too:

 Event Size

The head count for your event should play a big role in your decision about how many portable toilets to reserve. In general, each toilet facility should be able to accommodate 200 uses between cleanings. It’s a good idea to plan for each guest to use the restroom an average of once per hour to ensure that the facilities are not overwhelmed by overuse. It’s also important to consider the food and drink that will be available at your event.

If multiple vendors will be present, or if it is forecasted to be hot and sunny for the day, people will probably consume more liquid than usual and in turn will end up using the restroom facilities more often. In cases like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry and order an extra facility or two.

Toilet Location

Make it a point to determine where you will be placing the portable toilets before making a reservation. Look for a dry, level area without a lot of trees, and where service trucks can have easy access. Once you have determined where to place the facilities, you’ll have a clear understanding of the type and size of portable toilets should be rented for your event.

Needed Amenities

Another aspect to consider is the types of amenities that should be provided to guests of your event. If the event targets families, you may want to rent at least once facility that features an attached changing table. Something as simple as having hand sanitizer added to each unit can greatly increase your guests’ enjoyment during the event.

Other amenities to consider investing in include flushing toilets, mirrors, and even sinks. Of course, these upgrades will increase the price of each unit so if you’re ordering more than a few, you can save some money by only decking half of them out with extra amenities.

Required Permits

Many states require event hosts to get permits for the use of portable toilets. Contacting your local sanitation department is all it takes to determine exactly what needs to be done to gain a permit. In most cases, it’s just a matter of filling out some paperwork and paying a small fee. Most areas require that the sanitation permit is displayed throughout the entirety of any given event or occasion.

Taking these points into consideration well before your event takes place will keep stress to a minimum and help to ensure that your event is a great success.

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