Ever since recession hit the world economy, things have changed drastically. More and more households are striving hard to shed their expenses and other financial obligations. As such, there are many households that try out all means to reduce their utility bills.

In this article, we will discuss about ways of reducing energy bills if you have a swimming pool in your backyard and also the area adjacent to the same. Having a well fitted and thought out backyard is key to maintaining its brilliance over time.

Not every household is lucky enough to have a sprawling backyard. But you will also find many that boast of a swimming pool. However, having a swimming pool also means that you have to shell out a lot for maintenance, which in turn will attract a lot of energy bills. So, how will you cut the cost for the same and make the adjoining space of the swimming pool energy friendly?  Let us see how.

  • Use a solar pool cover. This will not only prevent evaporation but will also keep the water warm. Remember water of the swimming pool undergoes treatment that includes heating as well as filtration, which in turn uses up a lot of energy. So, it is important to cover the water and minimize evaporation.
  • Usually a lot of energy is used up for heating the pool. But with the advent of solar panels, the cost of heating can be minimized remarkably. In order to heat the pool, you can make use of these panels. There are 2 main advantages of using these solar panels. First and foremost, there isno emission of fuel or gas and secondly, although you have to shell out some cash initially at the time of installation and setting up the solar panels, over a period of time, the expense will be recovered when you start saving the energy bills eventually.
  • Just as a pool cover can reduce evaporation in a dramatic manner, so can a windbreak. A windbreak is basically a barrier that will prevent wind from evaporating the water of the pool, thereby reducing the rate of evaporation.
  • If you have potted plants lining your backyard, you can use biodegradable pots that will contribute to the environment
  • As far as the lawn adjacent to your swimming pool is concerned, make sure you grow hardy perennial grass
  • If you are lucky enough to have your home beside windmills, find out if there are local utilities that offerwindmills with low hydro electric power, which supply energy to the adjoining areas for a minimal cost.

Aside from the above, there are other ways in which you can make your backyard energy efficient, if you have some space adjacent to the swimming pool. These are as follows-

  • If you have lights in your backyard, make sure you use CFLs instead of the standard bulbs. Also, installing motion sensors will help in saving energy as the lights will be turned off and on automatically.
  • If you are planning to hold a barbecue party, you can use natural gas grills. This will also cut down the rate of air pollution in your backyard.
  • When it comes to planting trees, you can do so keeping in mind the placement of trees that will offer maximum shade, which in turn will make your rooms cooler.Planting trees in a strategic manner (if possible in rows) will further serve the purpose of cooling your rooms.
  • If you have a lawn adjoining the swimming pool, water it during the late evening or early in the morning. This will prevent evaporation of water.

An energy efficient backyard will not only help you to cut down the energy bills, but you will also offer ample opportunity for relaxation and comfort.