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Engineering accounts for about one third of the economy, and is essential for architectural feats. Good engineering ensures that buildings can stand without caving in and canals can operate effectively without failure. Engineering is involved in the creation of cars, airplanes, ships and submarines. Below are some amazing engineering feats.

Dubai, an Engineering Wonder

The manmade islands of Dubai are phenomenal, because they are reclaimed land created where there once was only sea.  According to Kalsi Engineering, a company that has your solution, the islands were engineered with an outer crescent of breakwater rocks to protect the inner sand islands on which phenomenal structures have been created. Because of the economic slow-down, many of the man-made islands of Dubai are not completed, but the fact that they were created at all is an engineering wonder.

International Space Station

The International Space Station is approximately the length of a football field. It started out in pieces, which came from all the countries responsible for its building and maintenance. These countries include the United States, Russia, Japan, and eleven European countries. This engineering wonder orbits Earth and successfully studies all kinds of things that need an outer space perspective. It is an engineering wonder because it was constructed in outer space.

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster, located in New Jersey, is a true masterpiece. Engineers had to get it right, because while tourists plummeting toward earth at 128 miles per hour are there for adrenaline, the roller coaster has to keep them safe while offering the tallest coaster thrill out there.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal was a enormous project that came with an even bigger price tag. The construction of the Panama Canal took many people’s lives from tropical diseases such as yellow fever and malaria. The Panama Canal was constructed by many people to result in a much larger functional route for boats to take: basically a slice through the land connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Toothpick Architecture

Toothpick artist Scott Weaver is an incredible engineer. He started making toothpick architecture with the knowledge he had when he was just eight years old.  He has used toothpicks from everywhere to give his architecture a worldly feel.  He even used toothpicks from his wedding to create the heart of his project. Weaver has used over 100,000 toothpicks and 3000 hours to create the toothpick masterpiece Rolling Through the Bay depicting iconic symbols of San Francisco.

The Great Green Wall of China

A new engineering project effectively holding off desertification, the Great Green Wall of China is set to include over a hundred billion trees in a swath of land covering over one tenth of the country. Everyone has heard of the Great Wall of China, but the engineering of the Great Green Wall of China may have even longer lasting effects.

The Astute, a Royal Navy Submarine

The Astute is a nuclear powered submarine that will never need to refuel during its 25-year service life. This submarine creates its own fresh air and water, so the only reason for the Astute to make outside contact is to get food for its sailors. This masterpiece is 100 meters long, and heavily armed.

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