Handling Divorce with Kids

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Financial Featured

Family 11Divorce is often one of the most painful experiences a couple can go through, but that difficulty can be even more pronounced when children are involved. The psychological stress that adults go through is often just as high or even much higher for children, who often have difficulty expressing and dealing with their pain, as well as difficulty adjusting to a new domestic situation. Not dealing with that pain can lead to deeper issues later, and often parents with the taxing effects of divorce proceedings are in a poor position to help. To add to the stress, two major legal issues are part of divorce settlements that involve children: child support and custody issues.

Child Custody Issues: Avoiding Pitfalls

One of the thorniest issues that can come up in a divorce proceeding is that of child custody. In a small minority of cases, particularly when a split is more amicable, this can usually be settled with minimal legal assistance, and the court sometimes applies a level of latitude to parents who can work together. Pennsylvania law has certain unique facets to it that ensure that parents work together, including on issues like parental relocation. More often than not, however, this can be the thorniest issue in a marriage with children. Often one parent will work harder to ensure the other has limited access to the children; barring good reason, however, this needs to be resolved in court, and an experienced attorney can help resolve issues in advance which could have the effect of limit one parent’s access later.

Resolving Child Support Can Make a World of Difference

Besides changes that come with a new living situation, depending on your financial role, some level of child support will likely be required from the non-custodial parent, or one parent is a primary in a joint-custody situation. While spouses can come to a support agreement on their own, this path is fraught with problems and almost always needs to be revisited by a court later if it wasn’t handled properly the first time. It is important that the shared support from both parents continue for the financial well-being of the children when possible, to ensure that children’s basic needs continue to be met. Talking to an experienced attorney about these issues can be extremely helpful.

Navigating Pennsylvania Law With An Experienced Attorney

Whenever children are involved in a divorce proceeding, it’s smart to go with experienced divorce attorneys who know the law in your state. Pennsylvania law on both child support and child custody can be difficult to navigate, especially since the state has unique support laws that can often penalize non-custodial parents in some ways and help them in others. If going through a divorce proceeding without a lawyer is a fool’s errand, navigating a divorce with children involved on your own can have disastrous consequences that affect more lives than yours. As a parent, you want what’s best for your children just as much as your spouse. Having an experienced attorney present can ensure that even after your marriage ends, that the relationship with your children remains healthy well into the future.

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