In an effort to disentangle the esoteric world of office politics, the serviced office provider, Orega, have conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people to ascertain what it is that sparks grievances in the work place.

In terms of their co-workers habits, rudeness and poor manners were a close contender with 20% of people citing that as a reason for being irritated in work. Laziness, however, came out on top; particularly within the younger demographic, as 22% of 25 – 34 year olds found laziness more frustrating, which was greater than the older demographics.

Looking at England, Northern Island, Scotland, and Wales separately, Orega found that ‘Touch Base’ was in favour of being banned from the office in England and Scotland. Whilst ‘Ping Me’ and ‘Going Forward’ were cited as being the most annoying within Northern Ireland and Wales, respectively.

Close runners up were ‘long hanging fruit’ and ‘close of pay’…for obvious reasons.

Annoying factors for general office life included meetings that over run for no reason, which came out on top with 13% of all participants choosing this. In Northern Ireland, trying to create small talk in the office was flagged by 16% of people. The Scottish, however, were more troubled about their offices being either too hot or too cold.

When the data was divided up into male and female, however, Orega found that the majority of men were irritated by having to socialise with their colleagues outside of work, whilst women were more annoyed by people coming into work ill.