Why it Makes Financial Sense to Take Care of Your Back

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Health Featured

Back Pain 3People with back problems have medical costs at an average of 76% higher than people without back problems. Between 1997 and 2005, medication for back pain rose from an average of $25 to $58. Often those who have surgeries continue to suffer from pain, and some even wish they had tried other avenues more aggressively first. Other treatments like physical therapy and more exercise may help with back problems, but ultimately back pain is expensive.

Regardless of the cost of treatment, the cost in unearned income is also staggering. Many people don’t work, or don’t do certain types of work because of back pain. The lost income is a costly problem for sufferers. The financial cost to businesses in 2003 because of chronic pain totaled $61.2 billion. It is estimated that the total cost of chronic pain in the United States totals $635 billion. That sum is staggering. Even divided between the estimated 100 million sufferers, the figure is much more expensive than any one sufferer can afford.

About 20 percent of those suffering from lower back pain later become disabled, resulting in about 80 percent of the expenses incurred by patients with back pain. This staggering statistic is enough to realize it’s important to take care of one’s back.

The True Cost Cannot Be Calculated

The financial price tag is just getting started. According to Laser Health Spa (www.laserhealthspa.net, the back is a part of the body used in every little move that you make. How effective or comfortable can one be on the job or in any aspect of life with pain every time he or she even shifts in a chair? With chronic pain in the back, the financial cost of needing to be on medication is just the beginning. Medication often takes away from mental sharpness, compounding the problem yet again.

Back Care Through Exercise and Proper Lifting Is Vital

The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure is very true in the case of back care. To properly care for one’s back; lifting should be done with care. Heavy objects should be lifted as close to one’s body as possible while using the legs instead of the back to hoist the items up. Proper lifting should also be done straight on and not from the side. Additionally, keeping the abdominal muscles tight while lifting helps to protect the back. The feet should be in a wide enough stance to keep the body stable during a lift. Lifting after long periods of driving is risky. The muscles may not be ready for the shock of lifting something heavy and this will put the back at risk for injury. Additionally, stretching, aerobic-type exercise, and strength training are important for a healthy back.

Take Care of That Back

While the financial statistics prove that back pain is expensive, individuals may not realize how to apply that information to their own lives. If medication for back pain costs an average of $58 per prescription, and back pain is the number two reason people call in to work in the United States, then even simple back pain could easily drain one’s bank account. It just makes sense to take care of that back.

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