There is a constant growth in the number of people that turn towards HGH (human growth hormone) supplements as they hope to look and feel younger. The problem is that such a therapy will only work in some situations and most of the men that take the supplements without medical supervision will not be informed enough to make the best choice.

HGH is naturally produced by our pituitary gland. Higher levels are normal during adolescence and childhood. This hormone will help regulate body fluids, body composition, bone growth, fat metabolism, sugar metabolism, muscle growth and even heart function. We are referring to a hormone that can be produced synthetically and is present in various prescription drugs or over the internet in some online stores.

HGH Is Recommended For:

  • Turner’s Syndrome – genetic disorder that will affect the development of a girl.
  • Chronic kidney insufficiency
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome – uncommon genetic disorder in which muscle tone is low, together with sex hormones and hunger is always present.
  • HGH insufficiency
  • HGH deficiency
  • Children that are born too small for the gestational age

HGH is approved for medical use in adults in the following situations:

  • Short Bowel Syndrome – condition that sees the body being unable to absorb nutrients, leading to really strong intestinal pains and the surgical removal of a small intestine part.
  • Muscle wasting disease when it is associated with AIDS/HIV
  • HGH deficiency – due to pituitary tumors or treatments

According to Kingsberg Medical, those mentioned above are approved FDA uses for HGH but most people will use the growth hormone for other purposes. A lot of people use this together with performance enhancing drugs as they try to improve their athletic performance or build muscle mass. The problem is that the effect that HGH has for improving athletic performance is not documented. If someone tells you the opposite, do not trust that person.

Natural HGH levels decrease as people age so there is a speculation that HGH products can reverse the natural body deterioration that appears. Such claims are not backed up by science. HGH use for anti-aging purposes is not currently approved by the FDA and you should remember this.

Unfortunately, there are many doctors that will prescribe HGH medication for purposes that are not approved. It is also really easy to buy through the services that are offered by Internet pharmacies, online stores and anti-aging clinics.


It is really important that you take the necessary time to see if the use of HGH supplementation is something that you should actually consider. That is vital due to the fact that you can so easily end up making mistakes that you will regret. There are some really bad side effects that can appear when using HGH supplementation. At the same time, it is possible to end up with some problems that appear as you take too much.

What you have to do is work with a doctor that is a professional and that knows everything about HGH supplementation. Tests have to be performed in order to be sure that only benefits will appear.