Why did I Give up My Study in College

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When it is time to go for a college, many questions arises. For example, in which college should you go and what should you study. But another thing sometimes you should think about is whether you are studying what you want to do in future and should you study this in college or can get knowledge by practicing? Recently I have met George, who gave up his study and is happy now, but still has some doubts. So here is his story.

American Student’s Story

Hi there! My name’s George and I am a former college student. I’d like to tell you my story about the reasons that I had to give up my study and the results I’ve got. I would not beat around the bush so I’ll rather come to the point of my story. It goes like this.

I’m the only son in a typical American family, so as you can guess I was a centre of my parents’ attention all the time – a kind of a “spotlight kid” so to say. And of course this care and possession resulted in following: when it was time to decide whether I should opt for college or not, the choice was made without my participation in it.

So my mom and dad just presented me with a fait accompli. I had to get financial education to become a bank manager in the future. Certainly they did persuade me that it was done for my best. I did not do a lot of thinking at that time. The only things that mattered to me were about my reputation (it’s pretty cool to be a student) and about hope that my parents were right.

Having become a student I was glad for about a month or two. But sitting at the classes I felt myself like young Steve Jobs when he was about to give up his study – bored, exhausted and irritated. So I began to realize that the curriculum and the financial sphere on the whole is so far away from what I’ve had expected and wanted to get. Few months passed and I began to think about my future carrier oftener.

All in all my study at the college lasted for a half-year only. As I was greatly fond of design, I got an assistant designer job few weeks later after giving up my study. It’s well paid, but as I live in a big city I have rather significant expenses. Nevertheless I am happy and eager to share some good advices with you.

What’s good in Giving up College?

My story is not about propaganda and de-motivation for actual students. Though I understand that it can be called a typical one cause nowadays a great many of students do not try to follow their own dreams and views – they enter colleges only because they were told to act like that. All I want to say is that the choice of future profession should be based on your own favorite occupation. Otherwise you have a risk of becoming unhappy and disappointed in life.

A couple of days ago I sat at home and stared at my computer late at night, watching my friends’ profiles on Facebook. Almost all of them still remain students. They seem happy and satisfied with their choice – but I do not judge them at all. Everyone’s choice cannot be the same. So to assure myself in rightfulness and to prove my case I decided to make a special list. It was a list showing advantages of giving up college. Here’s it (but please do not take it as a law):

  • I avoided loans for study and credits that people usually take in a bank. In addition I’ve saved my parents’ money (at least the greater part of their savings).
  • Following Steve Jobs’ views I think that self-education and self-development is more suitable for me. I guess that having basic knowledge is enough to start think by yourself and to educate yourself the way you want.
  • Finally I’ve got a chance to do what I really love – I’ve begun to work at design field and I enjoy every day of it.
  • I also believe that after some time spent working in design sphere I will be able to have the objective opinion about the rightness of my choice. So if I find this occupation interesting for me I’ll continue my study at college to raise my level in this field and to get more experience.
  • And what is even more remarkable about giving up my study is that now I feel myself happy – that’s a good characteristic that shows if your choice is right. I follow my dreams, I have a calling in life and I enjoy it. Of course time will show whether it’s wrong but still – no one should betray the dreams that dwell in us.

The Difficulties that I have Faced with

  • Another list that I’ve written that night is quite the opposite. So here’s an enumeration of what is difficult about giving up college:
  • First of all, my parents became very disappointed. So I needed several months to persuade them that my state of mind is OK.
  • I had friends at college, so when I gave up study I lost the opportunity to spend much time with my fellows. Now we’re all busy so we communicate rarely, mainly through the Internet.
  • Now I must plan my schedule by myself not forgetting about self-education. And believe me, it takes time, nerves, self-control and self-reliance.
  • And another problem is that there’s always some sort of risky situation when you “burn a bridge” like I did. I do not have total confidence in success (all in all who do?)

Did I regret giving up my study? No, I didn’t. Is it hard? Yes, totally. Was it worth it? Of course, it was. Why? Because I am involved in the sphere that I like, I follow my dreams (and moreover I get paid for that) and I feel fine to search for a suitable occupation for me.

As a conclusion I’d like to recommend you watching Steve Jobs’ address to students of Stanford – the video that was taken in 2005.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc

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