Creating International Brand Awareness

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Business Feature

It is surely essential to expand a business into an international market, establish and build a brand identity and increase the market share. A company’s product reputation is of high importance, and that is why its brand has to be engaging and captivating. Its reputation is built through an impressive international market share of products and services.

The branding process can be done by shaping the existing company. Much thought and effort must go into the branding activity – naming products, designing logos and offering uniform services. A brand is a way for a customer to recognize a product or service instantly. There is a target set by the branding company.

What is international brand awareness?

International brand awareness is the process that seeks to increase growth of a business by getting into a foreign market. It involves building a brand identity internationally.

The benefits

The reason for brand awareness is for the company to earn a premium. The company spends time and money so that they can charge a premium. Customers will pay more for a branded product or service.

While building a brand internationally, a business will be enabled to find local resources to boost its brand while entering the international market.

How to brand online

Internet marketing seeks to build a strong brand that stands out from the competition. Luckily, there are many marketing channels, techniques, and tools available. Here are some examples of successful marketing techniques:

  • UNIQLO is a Japanese company that provides casual clothes to people from across the globe. The company gets branded by fully sponsoring admissions to New York’s Museum of Modern Art on Fridays. From this expo, they generate positive word of mouth feedback from the museum’s visitors.
  • Qualaroo is a pop-up survey that can be seen on your website. It helps in seeking opinions about user experience on the site.
  • Yelp is a site that offers reviews and recommendations to individuals about restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment. Members can interact with each other by making friends, chatting online, or meeting in events.
  • Hotmail is a free email service powered by Microsoft. It offers a link where people can sign up for a free Hotmail account. Through this service, recipients can spread the name and goal of its brand.
  • HubSpot is a marketing platform. This inbound software helps companies to attract visitors and close customers. Visitors to the site can be taught and enabled to improve their marketing.

How to improve brand awareness

How can a company seek to improve its global brand in a comfortable but creative way? They will go for methods that are affordable and easily implemented.

Referral, commonly referred to as word of mouth, is the greatest tool for brand awareness. Existing customers lead the way by sharing their experience with potential clients.

Networking through meeting new people in social events is helpful in making new customers. Trade shows are usually organized to target industrial growth. The proprietor of the business should keep the focus on a few key industries with the greatest potential.


Personal correspondence forms are yet another excellent branding technique. A properly written personal letter gives an impression of sincerity. Whenever a letter is written, either in print or electronically, the company logo must be available. The logo boosts the company’s image by attracting a positive brand association.

Facebook gives a company’s existing customers a platform to look at new products, price changes or general improvements. Additionally, the potential customers can enquire more about a product. A single post can reach a huge number of people.

Twitter works as an announcement vehicle. A Twitter account with a significant number of followers is the greatest platform for writing anything about the company products. Customers may also enquire about products and services through this medium.

Benefits of global brand name growth

Successful Indonesian businessman Sukanto Tanoto established Royal Golden Eagle International. He ensures that every company within his global organization operates on a sustainable growth basis. These companies aim to achieve energy and production efficiency. Quality, energy saving, and environmental conservation are the principles laid down by Sukanto Tanoto. Royal Golden Eagle will continue to offer forestry and energy products to the whole world. In a local context, Sukanto Tanoto describes his philosophy as “being good for the community, good for the country and good for the company.”

How can a business benefit from global brand name growth? Great branding elevates and differentiates a company’s goods and services from those of its competitors. This gives customers a reason to choose the branded business over its rivals.

Branding also encourages confidence and trust in a firm’s products and services. Having a consumer trust a brand has never been of more worth than it is nowadays. Big data is essential in the marketing world, and marketers have an extensive access to a broad range of consumer insights.

How branding can benefit your business and sales

The worth of a company depends on the value of its brands. Brand awareness measures the degree that a brand is positively associated with a firm.

The brand name is the most persuasive factor in purchase decision-making. Consumers often perceive a company’s brand from the way the business presents its branding image. The consumers will again understand what makes a company’s offering different from that of competitors.

Each time a person seeks to introduce their new company, product or service into a market, they need to establish and build brand awareness.

Branding helps in communicating ideas about the presence of a firm, its goods and services. The launching of the stakeholder campaign well before you enter a foreign jurisdiction will give the owner time to carefully persuade influential stakeholders of his good intentions.

Eventually, global branding will aid in encouraging and leading the public about issues of concern that may arise in the business cycle. Branding offers a platform for giving solutions to the issues. Well-planned and skillfully branded strategies can help build a business’s reputation as well as facilitate continuous business growth.

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