Strike the Perfect Emotional Chord with your Clients with the Right Social Media Strategies, Business E-cards and More!

by | Mar 22, 2015 | Technology Featured

A modern marketer’s life is difficult! Audience engagement has become a challenging concept in the uber-competitive digital realm. You are a part of those thousands of B2B and B2C marketers who are trying to establish an online community with the help of social media marketing and content marketing— aimed at forging new relations, nurturing old ones and building trust. Touching an emotional chord with the audience is not easy. Maintaining a staid professional tone in your social media interactions will not really help you in this regard. The online content generated by you remains the primary medium of your communication with your audience. Be humorous, moving, and compassionate to touch those emotional strings with ingenuity. Given below are ways in which you can reach out to your audience emotionally.

Learn how to align your Social Media communications perfectly with audience preferences

Marketing in its entirety is incomplete if you are undermining the value of emotions. Social Media, particularly, gives you a choice to “speak to your audience in your own voice”. Television and print ads have their own recall value. However, you can never expect to engage the audience as long as you want to. Come to think about it. When it comes to print ads—you are just occupying a part of a whole magazine or a newspaper, which your reader is just going to flip over after a few minutes. Similarly you have to clamor for a 2 or 3 minute space on television as well. However, your social media page is your audiences’ window to your world. Your page has the power to get your audience hooked to you for hours. Make sure you are providing an “exclusive” space to your audience. Talk to each one of them as if he/she is right across the dinner table but not as one who is just a part of masses. Respond to their feedback individually, sort out their problems, work towards the improvement of respective locales, and ask them questions which are pertinent to your brand and make them think as well!

E-greeting cards: Remember them on Special Occasions!

Prove to your audience that you acknowledge their presence in your network. The best way to do that would be to send out customized greeting cards to them on special occasions. The business christmas ecards, for instance, are a huge favorite with businesses today. You get a chance to customize your messages tailored to suit individual preferences. We have already discussed about the need to maintain exclusivity at every level of client communication. These e-greeting cards help you to do just that. You just have to ensure that you are not repurposing the same message for all your clients. Bring the best of your creative skills to the fore and frame custom messages for clients. Be happy, be touchy, be fun and festive but don’t be repetitive!

Learn how to channelize your blog to touch the emotional strings

Besides your social media page, your blog remains another medium through which you can bring out the inherent emotional benefits to be derived from your products or services. A useful tip would be to go beyond “just the features” and to delve deeper in the emotions.  Start off by conveying why you are different from the bazillions of your competitors out there!

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