Top reasons to use a photo scanning service

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Technology Featured

Every day we take photographs with our digital cameras or smartphones, and sometimes we even print them out. We also flick through old memories and reminisce over images from decades ago. But however careful you are with physical photo prints, there is always the risk of losing them – and that’s just one of the potential pitfalls! That’s why more people are using photo scanning services to keep their photographs and memories safe, so they can be passed from one generation to the next.

Here are the top reasons why you should use a photo scanning service:

Protect against damage

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are against fire or water damage there is always a chance it could happen to you. And if it does, your pictures could be ruined, and even the best insurance policy in the world can’t return your lost memories. Natural disasters are incredibly traumatic leaving many people in need of emotional help, so photographs will likely be the least of your worries – but it’s still a situation you can protect against. Make sure you’re protected.

Guaranteed backups

When it comes to your family photographs, having stored backups is highly recommended. Photographs can get damaged, scratched, mouldy, torn, bent, or misplaced. Having a digital backup through a photo scanning service, ensures that you can easily print out new copies anytime you want. Even when you lose your copy of the images, the best photo scanning services send you digital copies via cloud upload.

Keep images safe from kids

If you have little ones running about the house, there’s always a chance your photographs will get messed up at some point – nothing’s safe from kids! Whether it’s sticky fingers or knocked over drinks, it’s easy to damage photographs. Even if you store your photographs in a shoebox (as many of us do) they are never completely safe from your little ones. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep backups.

Easy to share with friends and family

What happens when friends and family ask to see photographs from that trip of a lifetime, or memories from your wedding day? Would you like to have the images readily available for upload to photo sharing to sites like Facebook or Instagram? Using a photo scanning service will make it simple for you to duplicate these images and share with as many people as you want, or distribute to your mobile devices and computer for easy sharing online.

It is easy to see why photo scanning services are so important today. All you need do is send off your old photographs, negatives or slides and they will scan them for you and upload them online. You’ll then receive the originals back and be able to choose the photographs you want to keep before downloading.

Think of photo scanning as your very own ‘insurance policy’ against losing or damaging your memories!

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