Marketing techniques are constantly evolving as sales departments and small-business owners seek to find the perfect mix to attract new customers and drive up sales.

Despite the rapid of social media marketing, there is clear evidence that print media is enjoying a healthy resurgence in popularity, which is hardly surprising when you consider the sensory experience that print is able to provide.

The other point to remember is that print is a greener option these days and also a cost-effective solution when you look at the impact print media can generate.

Different consumer channels

There are a number of so-called experts who have suggested that print media would be obsolete by the time we reached about 2020,but considering that you can find plenty of similar articles from some while back that predicted the end of television, it seems certain that these predictions are wide of the mark.

The fundamental reason why this argument is flawed and print media is set for a bright future, is because the presence of the internet does not actually kill off theses established channels as they are used in a different way by consumers so they are not directly competing.

Stand out from the crowd

There is a way that you can grab the attention of your intended target and stand out from the crowd, by using print mail.

The perception that fewer print newsletters and brochures arrive through the mail these days, means that when your marketing message arrives in this format, it has a great chance to create the right impression. It can help achieve your goal of standing out amongst the competition, who are just relying on the internet to deliver their message.

Improve customer retention

The principal reason why brands originally developed their own magazines and newsletters was for customer retention purposes more than anything else.

Use the power of print media to develop a closer relationship with your customer and keep your company and products in the forefront of their mind by creating the impression that you care about their business, with a more personalised approach.

Readymade mailing list

Developing your audience and creating a list of subscribers can be an expensive business for marketers in general, buy you should take advantage of the fact that you already have a readymade mailing list in the form of your customer database.

Distributing a magazine or newsletter to your customers will only cost you the print and postage costs, so take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to spend anywhere near as much as a publisher trying to generate a good mailing list.

The power of print

Online stories and information are competing in a crowded web space, which is why the printed word is often perceived as having a greater degree of credibility and ability to make an impact.

In a digital age, the fact that you have invested enough time and effort to print and then mail your message, will create the strong impression with the recipient, that it must be an important or valuable point or offer that you wish to make.

Subtle sell

Having established the advantage that you can create in getting your readers attention, the last thing you want to do is turn them off with a publication that looks and reads just like corporate brochure.

People are much too smart in today’s business world to go for something so obvious and you could instantly dilute the trust and interest that you created if you get the content and message wrong.

Your publication should focus on challenges and trends that are happening in the market and answer any questions or interests that your customer might have. Use print media for a much more subtle sell rather than appearing as little more than a glossy brochure, and you will have a great chance of achieving the return on your print investment that you are looking for.

Captivate with design

The design of your print media is what will make the first and critical impression with your reader, so make sure that you captivate your audience through design and encourage them to read on.

Your aim is to avoid design simply becoming a commodity by ensuring that it has the necessary context. Think about whether you would be encouraged to turn the page if you were reading the publication and keep this in your mind while you are putting it together.

Print media in marketing is a valuable and proven tool, so make sure you make the most of it.

John Sollars is the owner of, from its startup in 2002 to its standing as the #1 printer cartridge supplier in the UK. On the way he’s picked up a wealth of printer knowledge that is invaluable for cutting printing costs. Whenever he has the time, he likes to share his insights online. His articles appear mainly on small business blogs and websites. Keep up with John on Twitter.