Essay topicsIf you have been asked to put together an argumentative essay, perhaps that can be used as a debate in the future, it’s likely that you’ve been bombarded with topic ideas.  Argumentative essays can be fun to write, and they also tend to be on interesting subjects that you will have a firm stance towards.  If this is your first essay of this nature, consider picking one of the following topics, and perhaps ask a company like RushEssay to check over your work before submission, to ensure your argument is concise and to the point.

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1. The Death Penalty

There are thousands of people awaiting execution in America’s jails, and whilst not every state has the death penalty, it is still a cause for contention around the country.  You can debate whether the death penalty should be allowed, or debate the process before execution.  Should inmates have to wait years, for example, to be given the needle?

2. Genetic Cloning

Genetic cloning has been a well debated subject for years, and can be a great topic for all ages to discuss.  Debating this topic will help you decide on whether you feel things should be left to ‘God’ or whether cloning can be allowed in certain circumstances.

3. Border Control

America might be known as the ‘land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave’, but this doesn’t mean that its borders are open to all.  In fact, there have been continuous efforts to close some of the country’s borders for years now.  This will always be a hotly debated subject.  What makes someone American seeing as the country was built upon a blend of cultures?

4. Abortion

There is no limit to the amount of controversy that the topic of abortion provides, with many people being pro-choice, and many more being pro-life.  This debate often has a lot of religious context too, so is sure to lead to some heated debate.

5. Pharmaceuticals and Beauty Products

There are dozens of debate topics surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, including whether products should be tested on animals, whether the ingredients contained within products could cause cancer, and topics relating to addiction and medication.  These topics are hotly debated throughout America, and around the world.

6. Plastic Surgery

Many people in the United States are addicted to plastic surgery, and it does lead to hundreds of deaths each and every year.  This is a relatively new topic for debate, and one that could lead to you discovering some fascinating statistics.  Should plastic surgery be allowed?  What about plastic surgery abroad?  You decide.

7. Ethnic Adoption

Many people are against Americans adopting children from other countries, whilst others are convinced that as long as a child is given a loving home, there is no issue.  With famous people like Madonna, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopting children from other countries, this is a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant.

Of course, there are many more argumentative essay topics that could lead to a good debate, but hopefully the above topics will give you a good place to start..