carHeadphones and the floating music have changed forms with Apple putting its best act forward. If these weren’t enough, the company seems to be considering infotainment is a bigger way than most with its purported ‘Apple Car’ in picture. Apple certainly won’t be putting up an electrical dud for challenging Tesla at the moment as the company has always changed the course of technological streams with every brand ventured in.

Some might be expecting the vehicle as a mere eyewash, pertaining to the Car Play Platform but the concept of steady and invisible transportation is what looks evident. We are heading towards a future which would entertain driving sans the vehicle itself.

Pretty simple and justified, Apple drafted the concept of self-driven vehicles long back and with connected vehicles launched at the concluded CES, the future looks pretty bright. Companies now are more focused upon the necessities which are pertinent as youngsters aren’t much inclined towards driving their own vehicles. With these biggish ramifications afoot, the entire concept of transportation needs to be revised and it seems Apple has taken the challenge, head-on.

Here is a quick recapitulation of what Apple has in store for all of us. The camera loaded minivans treading Californian roads might the first step towards supremacy. Broader automotive theories might still be distant but the 3D mapping technology looks like an enviable ally. A project codenamed Titan was eavesdropped into but all seems to be a hush-hush affair, as of now. Apple has also been stockpiling automotive talent from the shores with Reuters vouching in favor of a self-driven vehicle.

For digging deeper into Apple’s Car related mindset we must connect the dots underlining the word put in. In 2014, the company announced the CarPlay, the infotainment platform which that can be powered by the iPhone. This allows taking calls while on the move in addition to availability of voice commands and directions. Siri does the job for you, excruciatingly similar to the Ford’s Platform. CarPlay seems to be getting popularized with the FF coupe from Ferrari hitting the lanes with mobile interfacing added along.

Maserati however was powered by BlackBerry’s QNX section which has been working harder towards worthy infotainment. Apple’s first attempt with CarPlay might not be the most frugal approach but baby steps are certainly worth the attention. The newest alterative doing rounds would be the multiple platforms integrated, facilitating customer satisfaction.

Apple actually is looking at the bigger picture as building a connected car might be the easiest approach towards failure. The long term goals are looked into with the company moving ahead steadily but slowly, letting competitors overtake for good. Apple however has been gathering car experts across the globe for a reason though. This is a step towards gauging the futuristic car market and the industrial inclinations before developing a full-fledged model of the vehicle.

As per the floating speculations, the company might team up with some bigger names besides building prototypes at a frequent pace. Technology needs to be cutting edge but this might just be the pre-requisite while delving deeper into the world of wheels.

Besides revamping your dashboard in picture, Apple is pretty keen on developing a wider ecosystem to sorts. The engaging concept of CarPlay will certainly encourage users to go for the iOS empowered devices, with the compatibility towards one surfacing in favor of other. It certainly isn’t as simple as your next WhatsApp status but definitely in line with the futuristic goals. Facebook for example has widened is repertoire by delving into the world of mobile messaging with WhatsApp but Apple might just go solo, but with an eye for details. So for the time being it would be wiser to expect a fleet of self driven cars, as per the Minority report.

If the technological garrison alone is considered, we are looking towards the integration of Nvidia X1 chipset with the car hardware. This is the first step towards autonomous fleets but in accordance with public perception.

As per reports 2013 reported over 5.6 million car accidents, which justifies out inclination towards safer alternatives with better computing prowess, on-board. If the concept of self driven cars is taken down the right path, we might soon be having on calls vehicles without the need of owning them. Driving technology will be boosted beyond the obvious as well.

Widespread deployment in terms of rental startups are seen with companies like ZipCar and the self-driven initiative will add to the popularity of these entrepreneurial firms. In terms of beefing up the business centered contours, Apple has taken a bigger initiative with something similar to the Mercedes’s F 015.

On a lighter note, the tech shifts might be inspirational in the long run with Apple setting up the perfect example with the transformative vigils. It is the future of transportation which garners added interest, more so for the fleets in demand.

Rumors are floating as in Apple’s acquisition of Tesla but poaching engineers out of the later might debunk these suggestive claims. Signing bonuses worth $250000 wouldn’t be mere eyewashes and Apple might be looking at sabotaging the entire automotive industry. However the Tesla claim will be slightly difficult to fathom given the cheaper nature of deals, purported by Apple.

The Smartphone era is bound to determine the future of infotainment in the long run. Google has already popularized the concept in the long run but it would be Apple that prefers waiting for the sun to shine brighter. As for now, the silence might just be the perfect foil for something bigger from the company; technically powerful and extremely targeted.