Almost 2 decades ago, the sight of a mobile phone was definitely a rare one. Even in some of the most famous metropolitan cities, there were no such signs of mobile phones. Then suddenly there was a great leap forward for the mobile technology and since then the mobile devices have now become an essential and inseparable part of our lives. The rise of the smartphones and tablets has transformed the mobile from a device that was only used for making calls into something that is similar to a hand-help computer or a palmtop. If you check out the statistics, the UK is the best example of this trend as it was seen that 72% of the people in the UK are using smartphones.

Due to the rise in the popularity of smartphones, both financial data and information on trading are more and more accessible by the traders. In the early 20th century, most of the trading transactions were done via desktop but since the last few years, the percentage of trading that is being done through mobile has grown leaps and bounds. There has also been a sudden rise in the number of tablets as they have been proved to be transportable and they also have an easier trading interface than the smartphones, simply due to the fact that the former has larger screens.

This leap from computer to mobile came at a time when online data was extremely easier to interpret and hence there were also many forex trading courses that were available for the novices to help them get a grip on their currencies with the change in the financial markets. In fact, ETX Forex trading also offered a large number of seminars and webinars that were related to forex and currency trading. This was done free of cost for the clients of ETX.

In the older days, financial news was tough to circulate and now due to the rise of social media and internet, spreading financial news has become instantaneous. The accessibility to trading apps and social media on the mobile means people can react to any kind of news just seconds after going through it. The ability to trade while they are away from their desk has opened up a new world of trading with internet access through mobile phones and trading through tablets and smartphones.