Anyone who keeps an eye on European travel trends knows that cities come and go depending on the season or year. For some reason, travelers tend to flock to particular cities one year, while vacationing in another the next. So, which European cities are people visiting this summer – and why?

Exchange Rate Improving

One of the key factors in the increased travel from America to Europe is the rise in the exchange rate. “A couple of years ago Europeans would come to New York City and shop like crazy, but soon that could be the other way around,” says economist Jacob Funk Kirkegaard. “I think the euro is going to decline further.”

This is, in large part, due to the fact that the American and European economies are headed in opposite directions. As the U.S. dollar continues to strengthen, the euro continues to slide. While a single euro was worth an astonishing $1.37 a few years ago, it’s now worth only a few pennies more than a dollar. And, according to one report, the euro could fall as low as 80 cents by 2017.

Best European Destinations

While 2017 may be the best year to travel, there’s no sense in putting off your wanderlust until then. Many European destinations are preparing for an influx of tourists as early as this summer.

While most people think about its southeastwardly neighbor (London) when traveling to the U.K., Liverpool is expecting big things this year. Aside from catching up on Beatles history, people travel to Liverpool for a number of reasons. It’s a huge port for cruise ships and is known for having some of the most unique and luxurious hotels in the region. Furthermore, Crosby Beach is a mere six miles north of the city center, allowing visitors to soak up some sun in between shopping and touring.

With some recent uneasiness in Paris, many people are trading out a Parisian vacation for the wine country of Bordeaux. In fact, it’s been named on the Best European Destination 2015 list. In addition to the wine, there’s also great food, lovely architecture, and fantastic shopping.

If you’ve already planned a trip to London, you may want to make time for the gastro capital of France. Thanks to a new deal from Eurostar, you can now travel non-stop from London to Lyon in fewer than five hours for a reasonable price. In addition to great food, Lyon also has many museums, as well as beautiful views of the canal.

Other increasingly popular destinations include Plzen (an hour west of Prague), Seville, Bern, Milan, and Deauville. With so many hot destinations, and a strengthening dollar, many people are choosing this summer for extended European vacations.

Waiting for the Right Time

 If you’re unable to travel this summer, keep an eye on the improving exchange rates and cheap airline prices. You may even be able to plan a trip for early fall or winter 2015. Regardless of when you go, the good news for American travelers is that it’s getting cheaper to plan an overseas trip.