A road trip can be a really great experience. You can see all kinds of things, stay in a different town every night, and have all kinds of crazy adventures! Road trip style vacations are generally more popular with couples or groups of friends, because with a family long periods of time spent in the car can get a little boring for kids (and frustrating for their parents).


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What Car to Use?

If you are planning a road trip, whether you want to do the famous Route 66, or do any other long cross country driving adventure, you may wonder whether it is better to use your own car or to rent one. Here are some things to take into consideration when making this decision:

How Reliable Is Your Car?

A rental car will be a new-ish model, and you can choose a style of car that is suitable for the type of trip you are making. Your own car may not be quite so well matched to the trip you are planning. Reliability is essential on a road trip, as you may often find yourself on roads where there are not a lot of other cars, and it is miles to the nearest place with a mechanic! Breakdowns can totally ruin your adventure and leave you stranded, often for hours. If your own car is fairly old, the strain of this kind of heavy driving may be too much for it.

If you do decide to take your own car, make sure you have a full check up done on it ahead of time, and carry more than just basic tools. You will at the very least need a good set of auto body tools and your car’s manual (on paper, in case you can’t get an internet connection or your computer or phone fails).

How Long Is The Trip?

If you are taking a very long road trip and will be driving for a couple of weeks, then the rental option will obviously be considerably more expensive than if your trip is just going to last a weekend. Of course, the longer your trip, the more strain it places on your car, so the value of using a new, fully checked car rather than your own may still be worth it. Also, the longer the trip, the more comfort becomes a consideration. If you have a car that simply isn’t comfy for long periods in the driving seat (for example it is cramped, the seats are uncomfortable, or it doesn’t have good heating or air conditioning), then this can be bad for you. Choosing a more comfortable car like a 4×4 may therefore be a better option for your health, and your enjoyment of the trip.

In many cases, using a car that is designed for long cruises which is new, reliable, and comfortable is essential when you are going to hit the road for an extended drive. If your car doesn’t match this description, it is well worth getting quotes on a rental.