Home RepairmanWhile it may be tempting to try to save some money by doing home repairs yourself, you could find that doing this leads to more expenses than you anticipated. Knowing how to do a few basic tasks around the home is not a bad idea. You could benefit from learning how to use a toilet plunger or how to locate a fuse box. However, according to Southern Plumbing, your drain specialist, maintenance and repair professionals are trained to do a variety of household tasks, for which countless homeowners have had no training. The next time you think about climbing a ladder to clean your gutters or attempting to fix a plumbing problem, you might consider hiring a professional instead.

Staying Safe 

One of the top reasons to leave home repairs to the professionals is safety. When you try to do a repair job yourself, you face the risk of causing harm to yourself or others. Even if you invest some time into researching how to fix a problem, you could sustain an injury or cause a different kind of mishap.

A common cause of injuries around the home is ladder usage. According to an article made available by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, fatalities from ladder falls are not uncommon. You may think that climbing onto your roof to inspect it yourself can save you money. However, if you fall off of your ladder and break a leg, or worse, the money you spend on medical care or an insurance deductible could be far more than the cost of a professional roof inspection.

Another problem that may arise from doing home repairs yourself is asbestos exposure. If you have asbestos in your home, you may not be immediately in danger. Unfortunately, damaging or moving asbestos in insulation or roofing materials could actually cause the asbestos to release harmful fibers. A professional will be more likely to know how to work around such materials without disrupting the asbestos.

Unless you have been professionally trained to perform a specific repair, it’s probably best to consult a professional. A potential hazard associated with do-it-yourself (DIY) electrical repair jobs is a fire caused by replacing electrical circuits. If you attempt to replace a hot water heater yourself, one wrong move could lead to a fatal carbon monoxide leak in your home. A DIY carpentry job may result in a nasty nail gun accident.

Minimizing Problems

Even if you never hurt yourself or cause harm to others, doing a repair job without a professional could cost you a lot more money than necessary. If you want to keep repairs as minimal as possible and maximize your household budget, you may want to hire someone who is trained to do the job you need done. Damaging a pipe while trying to do a plumbing repair could cost you much more than the fee a plumber would charge. Trying to remove a wall without an expert could lead to the need for extensive repairs on your floor or ceiling, along with the wall.

Another point worth considering is that if you cause damage to your home via DIY repairs, your insurance company may not deem a home insurance claim valid. You could be faced with paying for all of the repairs yourself. If you hire a professional, you could be far more likely to receive compensation when applicable.

Doing home repairs by yourself may seem tempting, but you could ultimately pay a price you never expected. If you want to ensure the safety of everyone in your household, you might want to reconsider your desire to fix problems in your home without a professional. Hiring a trained individual could save you money and spare you from a debilitating injury.

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