Why You Should Hire a Professional to Repair Your AC

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Education Feature

House 47No matter how well you maintain your heating and cooling system (HVAC), there will come a time when it suddenly isn’t working.  There are many repairs around the house that people are capable of handling themselves, but unfortunately problems with the HVAC system don’t usually fall into this category. Do-it-yourself or DIY has become tremendously popular and many people think they can save themselves money when avoiding what they assume will be a costly repair bill. According to AC Houston (www.ac-houston.com), maintenance tasks like cleaning and changing filters in air conditioners can, of course, be handled easily by owners, but when repairs are needed keep these important reasons to hire a professional in mind before wasting your time and money the DIY route.

Safety First

There is no reason to put yourself or your family in danger for a DIY project.  Heating and cooling equipment have quite a few means of putting you at risk.  Some factors to consider when dealing with these appliances include carbon monoxide, gas leaks, and electrical wiring, amongst others.  Effectively repairing a system may bring you into contact with flame sensors or the motor and, unlike a trained technician, you probably have very little idea of proper handling methods.

DIY Can Be Costly

One of the biggest impetuses behind DIY is taking care of a problem yourself to save money.  When you aren’t sure exactly what is wrong or which parts are needed, however, you may end up raising the cost.  Buying the wrong or less energy-efficient part can add to your heating/cooling costs later even if the appliance is still running.  Finally, you risk doing further damage to the system and costing yourself more money when you resign to calling in a professional.

Missing a Pre-Emptive Warning

When something is going wrong in your system, it may be a symptom of a larger problem.  Even if you are able to fix a minor flaw, you may be missing the larger issue.  Hiring a professional HVAC repair technician will not only fix the tiny problem you have, it will also alert you to anything else that might be a problem in the system, whether it’s something as minor as changing a filter or a larger issue, it is better to be safe than sorry.


There is a reason that professionals are called into doing these jobs.  A professional HVAC repair company only hires people who have the training, knowledge, and necessary experience to deal with repairs.  They repair air conditioners, furnaces, and many other pieces of equipment on a daily basis and know how to do it in the least amount of time possible.  Taking on a repair yourself could be days of tinkering around to find and fix the issue that a repair technician could have handled in less than an hour.  In the meantime, your home temperature is either plummeting or sky-rocketing.


Many people are irritated by the fees that accompany repairs, but establishing a relationship with a quality technician can save you money in the long-term.  They often have access to cheaper and better parts from suppliers and may be willing to cut you deals for your regular patronage.   While bills may seem steep at times, they are small in comparison to what they might be if something went wrong with a DIY repair.


This article was contributed on behalf of AC Houston, the best in AC maintenance. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

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