Bail Bondsman Arrested for Kidnapping and Extortion Along with an Employee

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Financial Featured

Lecanto, Florida – A reputable bondsman and his employee have been arrested after they took the bounty hunting game to the next level. They kidnapped a man who forgot about his debt, as well as his girlfriend’s children. They kept the victims as hostages until she paid them to release her family. The two aggressors used a taser.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff, Brandi Jugov contacted the victim under fake claims. He met the victim, as well as the two children at a random address in Inverness. While Jugov was talking to the victim, Robert Alexson showed up, pulled the taser out and handcuffed the victim in no time. The two children were left on the road. They were picked up by a witness, who also called their mother. Meanwhile, Jugov returned and flashed a bondsman badge, then took the kids as well, despite the witness’s will.

Jugov got in touch with the victim’s girlfriend and demanded $1,800 in exchange for the victim or he would be taken to jail. The two came to a common point and decided to meet in a local gas station. When Alexson showed up with the victim, his girlfriend said that she only had $300 on her. The transaction succeeded, since the bondsman agreed that it would be enough for now. At the same time, Jugov came up with a receipt for the respective money. The victim and the children were released right away.

The case was reported to the local authorities. Detectives got in touch with the Florida Department of Financial Services – the agency administrating bondsman in the state. They spent a few weeks collecting evidence against Alexson and Jugov. They talked to witnesses and figured how the entire situation occurred. Later on, two warrants were issued for the so-called businessmen.

According to the local detectives, they believe that there are plenty of other victims who have been through the same harsh behavior in order to pay their debts. Alexson, 55, runs Bob’s 24 Hour Bail Bonds from Lecanto – Hwy 44. The investigation has also revealed the fact that Jugov, 23, is not even a registered bondsman.

Alexson has faced multiple charges, including unlicensed activity, unlawful activity, extortion while armed, kidnapping while armed, child abuse and imprisonment while armed. It looks like he will need to find a criminal defense attorney now. Jugov has not been ignored either, since he played an active role in the operation. He was charged with falsely impersonating a police officer, false imprisonment while armed, principal to extortion while armed, child abuse, principal to kidnapping while armed and unlicensed bail bondsman activity.

Local investigators are still trying to determine whether the pair has been involved in other illegal activities. They have also investigated Bob’s 24 Hour Bail Bonds, only to find out more about the firm’s legal procedures. All in all, past victims of this pair are asked to get in touch with Detective Dalton – Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. Meanwhile, the aggressive bondsmen are now looking for a good criminal defense attorney.

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