Uber driver partners are able to provide a valuable service to their communities without hassle. For those looking for a job, Uber offers something better—a partnership. Here are the top reasons you should consider partnering with Uber as a driver.

Flexible Schedule

Why get locked into a schedule and miss out on important life events? Rather than have a boss place you on a strict hourly schedule, Uber driver partners are able to pick and choose their available hours. Your phone app can be turned off or on at any time to signal your availability for fares. This means you can earn money when your schedule is free and get back to your life when last-minute plans are made by your family and friends. Never again miss that weekend camping trip or rescheduled baseball game.

Transparent Pricing

You know exactly what you will make with each fare. Uber gives you an average of 80 percent of every ride. All of your income, including higher fares during high-demand times, are built right into the flat rate provided to the client.

Dynamic Pricing

When demand is high, fare costs are higher than normal. Key events, holidays, timing, and other conditions could bring on a surge of people in need of a ride. Uber wants to offer a reliable ride at all times, so fare costs rise when more rides are needed. Being available to drive during these times makes the job even more lucrative.

Relaxed Work Atmosphere

You can wear comfortable clothing and listen to music when you drive with Uber. This is no uptight office or manually exerting factory job; it’s a partnership that believes you offer the best service when you are given autonomy and allowed to be yourself. We believe that the best and most successful driving partners are professional in their dress and service, but we also believe this is not a strict one-size-fits-all standard.

Community Involvement

Getting locals and visitors from one place in your city to another provides a valuable service that helps you expand your experience in the area. You get to know your city better while helping out neighbors and tourists. Riders are usually grateful for the valuable, convenient, and affordable service you are providing for them when you drive with Uber.

Independent Contract Opportunity

Thos who have independent contracts with a company hold power and pride that is seldom found in a typical job. There is no nine-to-five schedule pinning you down and no boss to tell you what to do. There is very little involvement or critique from Uber management; the Uber system places full faith in your abilities and professionalism to drive with the company.

Available Rewards

Most contractor jobs don’t have any provided benefits because contractors might be working for a variety of companies and clients. When you drive with Uber, you can participate in the Momentum Program to help reduce operating costs and access Uber partner rewards. Eligible drivers can receive rewards, like discounts on their vehicle maintenance and mobile plans.

When you drive with Uber, you become a part of something bigger than yourself. A network of helpful community members joining together to offer a driving service provides a sustainable system beneficial to members, clients, and the community.