Nowadays everybody is concerned with security, and we all want to keep our personal property safe. As a result, there are many services and products on the market just for this purpose. Besides regular locksmith security services or CCTV companies, there are some really creative personal security ideas – like these truly awesome theft deterrent products.

  1. Tesla Coils Car Burglar Alarm


This is essentially a giant Tesla coil placed on the top of your vehicle, and connected to a sensor.


Once turned on, a would-be thief will trigger the system activating the coil, trapping themselves inside and providing a beautiful light show.

  1. Home Security Paintball Turret

 This do-it-yourself paintball turret is a paintball gun connected to a computer, motion sensor and camera that can be mounted on your home. It uses software to track and fire on intruders, though local laws may prevent its use.

  1. Anti-Theft Plug Mug


If you keep a coffee mug at work and want to prevent anyone from using it while you’re away for a few days then try this one. The Plug Mug has a plug that once removed, makes it useless to anyone attempting to use it. Available on Amazon for 12.5$.

  1. Anti-Theft Stickers


 These stickers can be applied to anything from automobiles to bikes, and making it look scratched and beat up.


Thus making it less desirable to thieves. No worries, these stickers are easily removed when no longer needed. Designed by Dominic Wilcox.

  1. Fake Car Stereo


 This simple plate can be constructed at home from an old cassette tape, to make the cars’ stereo system look like an old factory cassette player. The plate covers your radio so that if a thief looks in, all they’ll see is an old tape player, therefore leaving it alone. 

  1. Secret Electric Wall Socket


This ordinary looking electrical outlet looks real, but is really a non-working fake. When opened, there is a hidden compartment to hide valuables instead of the normal mess of wires. Available on Amazon.

  1. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

pic8 If you want to prevent co-workers from eating your lunch then you should definitely try these anti-theft lunch bags.


A simple sandwich bag with green marks on either side, making it appear that it is a moldy old sandwich, ensuring it’s left alone. A 20 bags pack is available on Perpetual Kid for 4.99$.

  1. Newspaper Laptop Sleeve


Available in five languages, a newspaper laptop sleeve gives your laptop the appearance that it is nothing more than a simple newspaper (although carrying around the same newspaper for months or even years would probably look a bit suspicious..)

  1. Postal Envelope Notebook Sleeve


This device simply makes your laptop look like an old postal envelope, hoping that a thief will dismiss it as trash.

  1. Ironkey USB Flash Drive




This highly encrypted, durable, and waterproof USB flash drive also incorporates a self-destruct feature that erases its contents if the wrong password is input too many times, thus keeping your information safe.

  1. Biometric USB Flash Drive


This USB flash drive from Pandora utilizes bio-metric technology (finger print scan) in order to control the access to the information contained within. Another great option for protecting data.

  1. Ugly Digital Camera


Take your digital camera and give it the appearance of an old hunk of junk by covering it with pieces of used old paper. This do-it-yourself option is a great way to make your camera undesirable to thieves.

  1. 80’s Walkman Ipod Case  


Another great idea – if a thief sees it, you appear to have nothing other than an antiquated Walkman.. with a modern Ipod hiding inside.

  1. Anti-Theft Bicycle Wheel


This easy to use bike wheel from Yanko Design gives you the ability to make the wheel appear broken, and what thief wants a broken bike?

  1. Fake Security Cameras 


These faux security cameras are made to look just like the real thing, lights and all. Most thieves will see these and turn around not wanting to get caught on tape. These cameras are available on Ebay.

These are just some of the creative products and ideas out there to help keep your property and valuables safe. Make use of these and have fun while doing so!