Turning a shipping container into a designer home is not impossible. In fact, many have already done so, with great success!

First you will need to buy a used shipping container, which will cost around $2000 or so, depending on the size. Make sure that the container is not damaged, has no serious signs of corrosion and that your future roof is waterproof, so your belongings won’t be damaged by rain or snow.

Before starting to work on design upgrades and moving your belongings into the container, pay a visit to a locks shop or consult with a professional locksmith about the types of locks to install, in order to keep the container safe from the very beginning.

Once you are sure that your soon to be new home is protected both from weather conditions and uninvited guests, it’s time to take care of its interior and exterior design. Here are some helpful ideas:


Creative and Comfy

Want to design a great home? Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to have several rooms and a swimming pool. You can make your own terrace, with rooms without doors and even a few comfy stylish chairs. These types of homes may be used as patio or guest houses, to spend time with family and friends.


The Color

Shipping containers are of various colors and even textures, so you’re welcome to repaint yours to suit your taste. This will give your new home the feel and look you’ve always wanted, without spending a fortune.


The exterior

Get creative with the exterior design and make your container look really unique! For example, install features such as glass doors and walls, a sliding ladder, various entrances, an attic and more.


The Interior

Feel free to play with the insides of the container. You can make two floors, with a ladder separating them. The first floor can have a living room area and a kitchen, while the second may be used as a balcony or terrace.


Covering the Metal

Though the container is made purely of metal, it doesn’t have to look as if you’re living  inside a metal home. You can cover the walls with wooden dados, giving the design an earthy and unique look, especially if the house is located in or near the woods.

If you prefer to use natural materials for the interior of your new place – add some wooden elements, rags and soft furniture to the container room to make it look and feel just like a regular home.


Keeping it Original

If you don’t want to change anything at all, you don’t have to! The only essential additions are windows and doors, to make the container function like a real home. Installing ventilation and heating systems is also a good idea, to prevent it from freezing during the winter and overheating during the summer.


Swimming Pool

Installing a swimming pool inside the container is another great idea, which some container home owners have already turned into reality. This, of course, depends on the size of the container, plus how much money you’re willing to spend.

There are many unique ideas to come up with when turning a shipping container into a designer home. Use your imagination and have fun while you’re at it!

Source: trueactivist.com