Contact lenses are without a doubt a wonderful option for those that are not comfortable or willing to wear glasses anymore. There are a few things that you should know before going to your first contact lens fitting that can help you be prepared for that visit.

Paperwork and Preliminary Steps

After filling out your paperwork, your doctor or a nurse will take you through three tests. The first is a glaucoma test. This test will help to determine the pressure within your eye to help determine if you are suffering from glaucoma or if the disease is onset. You will also need to do a basic vision test. This will require you to remove your glasses (if you wear glasses) and read a standard eye chart; taking the basic vision test will help your doctor get a preliminary reading on your eyes. The next step is to take a picture of your eye. This will help to determine the way your pupils react to light and other issues like cataracts that may pop up.

Eye History and Prescription

The first step to any fitting is, of course, your prescription. Your prescription is going to work for both your glasses and for your contact lenses. Your doctor will first ask you questions about your eyes, changes in your vision, and about your overall eye health. This will do three things. First and foremost, it will help your doctor to determine what type of contact lens is going to fit your eye best. Dryness, itching, and eye problems that have been persistent over your life will help your doctor determine what brand and what lens is going to be the healthiest for your eyes.

After your doctor gets the history of your eyes they will then talk with you and begin the eye exam. This will consist of having the patient look through a series of lenses. These lenses will help to correct your vision gradually and will eventually get your doctor the prescription that works for your eyes. These lenses will help to make your eyesight as close to perfect as possible and will help your doctor to determine the optimal prescription for your eyes.

Choosing the Right Brand

After your doctor finishes your prescription they will then work to find the contact lens brand that is going to be best suited for your eyes. There are a great number of brands and one that is recommended for first time users is Air Optix Aqua by Alcon. This brand is suitable for those that have eyes that are dry and that need extra moisture and air to keep them comfortable. Air Optix Aqua allows the proper amount of air to enter the eye to keep the eye from feeling dry and irritable. These lenses are also flexible so this is going to be much more comfortable than the standard contact lens.

Air Optix Aqua is also a lens that retains moisture and keeps the eye moist which helps to make them more comfortable for first time wearers. This lens is also going to help keep things like dry eye under control which will make it much more comfortable for wearers. After your doctor has recommended contact lens they will instruct you on how to insert them, allow you to wear them for a time to see how they feel, and also instruct you on proper removal to keep the eye clean and free of debris and bacteria.

Your doctor will then conduct another basic exam and make sure that the contact lenses work on your eye and with your prescription. It will take time to get used to wearing lenses but after a day or two you should start to get used to the lenses and to your new vision. If you have any trouble with your new lenses you can always talk with your doctor about another brand until you find one that works for you and for your specific needs.