A Trip to Sydney: Exploring the Myriad Attractions

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Travel Featured


Sydney’s (Australia) appeal as one of the leading holiday destinations across the globe remains unassailable to this day. The city is home to some of the most notable landmarks that are featured in many major travel booking agencies. And, it’s hardly surprising that many of the tourists want to include them in their itinerary. Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Tower, among others, are just a few of these tourist attractions.

Your days at Sydney: You Simply cannot miss out on these travel gems

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney Harbour Bridge is frequented by visitors for the breathtaking views of the city and the harbor. If you are walking or cycling during the dawn or dusk, then you’re in for a real visual treat. You can even go on to climb over to the Pylon Lookout on the south east Pylon. The western side of the bridge is reserved for cyclists while the eastern side for the walkers.

The Sydney Opera House: Taking off from where we left, the Sydney Opera House makes for a leading tourist attraction of Sydney as well. This particular landmark,  listed as a World Heritage Site, is known across the globe for its unrivaled architectural splendor. It is claimed that the Opera House is the face of the Australian cultural landscape – thanks to its iconic performing arts centre. It would be great if you are visiting the site at around 5 pm and stay until the evening, in order to view both the Opera House as well as the Harbour Bridge under the lights.

Sydney Wildlife World: Located at Darling Harbor, this place gives you a unique opportunity to explore nine different types of Australian Habitats including the grasslands and rainforest, among others.

Sydney Aquarium: Located just next to the Sydney Wildlife World, Sydney Aquarium makes for one of the largest aquariums of the world. Needless to mention, it leads the line-up of the major tourist attractions of the city. The visitors are transported to the diverse marine ecosystems and waterways of the continent merely by the wide array of themes and displays. Do watch out for the Open Ocean Exhibit. It is a very large oceanarium constituting underwater tunnels that allow tourists a sneak peek into Australia’s marine scene from very close quarters.

What is intelligent traveling all about?

Make sure you’re booking your flights two months before setting out– in order to guarantee a hassle-free journey for your loved ones. There is no shortage of luxury hotels in Sydney, backed by impeccable modern facilities this will ensure that you’ll have a memorable stay here. Sensible travelling is all about proper education. It is as much about acquainting yourself with the cheaper, but feasible, flight and accommodation options as it is about learning about the major travel attractions.

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