Oh, the dreaded chore of vacuuming– of all the different aspects of cleaning your home and keeping it that way, vacuuming on a regular basis will go the furthest in reducing your need to perform most of the other elements most commonly included in home maintenance. By establishing well timed routine times to vacuum, you can significantly diminish the frequency of how often you need to dust, polish and engage in other home freshening efforts. When you think about it, regular vacuuming is your best way to cut down on how much time and energy that housework robs from you.

The Exact Frequency of Vacuuming Needed for Any Area is Conditional

vacThe frequency with which any home (or room) is vacuumed certainly always depends on the amount of traffic that the specific area (or home) encounters. Other determining factors include the type of activity that occurs in different rooms of a house. For example, a nice and tidily- kept guest bedroom that is only used when there are overnight visitors would not need to be vacuumed as often as a family room. And in homes of families with children– of any age, the rooms where the kids hang out the most are going to require the most frequent vacuuming sessions; maybe daily, and in some cases, these rooms need vacuuming several times a day.

Mess Makers Come in All Sizes, and in All Ages

No matter what the specific age of children in a family are (they all come with their own brand of mess making capabilities, so don’t be lulled into believing otherwise.) Also– and this is not necessarily intended to point the finger at any “head of household” family members, BUT if it applies to YOU, then you already know you’re a guilty party. And the good (bad) news is that you are not alone–there are many full-fledged adults whose eating (and general living) habits practically make sense to have a vacuuming party to just follow them around, everywhere they go in the house. If this description does not apply to you, kudos– but if it does paint a picture of someone living in your home, you can help yourself by keeping your vacuum cleaner nearby and ready to kick into action, wherever this person hangs out.

Protecting Your Other Investments

Regular, timely vacuuming can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your flooring. It’s obvious how quickly getting up all those crumbs, particles of dirt and general debris off the carpet will serve to keep it nice looking and clean. Carpeting and rugs are not the only investments that benefit from adequate, frequent vacuuming, though. Even floors of tiling, wood, linoleum and marble– just to name a few of the most popular home flooring materials currently in homes– last longer when proper vacuuming is maintained. Even small particles of dirt, debris and sand, when left on any type of floor, can scratch, mar and just wear down the finish or top layer. This occurs when the dirt on the floor is ground in by foot traffic. The sooner any possible offenders are removed, the better for your investment. Whatever type of flooring that’s in your home– rugs included– will last longer with proper vacuuming.

Vacuum Cleaners are Not All Equal

When it comes to investing in a vacuum cleaner that will provide you with years of exceptional value and performance, it’s important to know that vacuum cleaners and their durability, range of functionality, ease of use and suction capacity can vastly vary, and not necessarily in correlation with price range. There are quite a few always-changing commonly known vacuum cleaners that the big box stores typically stock, and many consumers make their selection from these, imagining that they will be well served for years to come, from their (relatively inexpensive) new purchase. Some of these brands feature impressive looking designs, and the display models bear tags that promise unexcelled performance in every area.

Cheap to Buy, and Cheap to Last

With a few exceptions, these vacuum cleaners are mostly all the same, and not only with regard to how they work and the performance limitations they carry, but particularly in the disappointing length of time any one of them will continue to work for you before they break down. With most of these big box vacuum cleaners being offered at such low prices, this makes it hardly worth the time and money to take them to be repaired, so what most consumers do is just toss the vacuum out, and go buy a replacement. This scenario can eventually become a pattern that ultimately results in the consumer paying out a whole lot of cash for “vacuuming privileges,” when had they simply invested their money in a quality brand, their vacuum would give them years of “hitchless,” stellar performance.

LG’s Line of Vacuums

Most consumers are familiar with LG Electronics in their many popular forms, and LG home appliances are always among the latest, advanced models on display at the appliance stores. LG vacuums are a little less known about, and when members of LG’s extensive fan base discover that they can enjoy the same technological advancement and impressive degree of user ease/convenience, they make sure that LG is the brand of their next vacuum, for all the right reasons. LG manufactures different vacuums, so it’s good to read up a little to find the one that will offer you the details you need.

The LG Cyking VC3303FHA Vacuum Power Cleaner features a HEPA H12 Filter Brush that provides powerful suction for capturing even the finest of dust particles, and suction force is further empowered by a thoughtfully designed elliptical structure turbo cyclone. The large capacity LG removable dust bin can be thrown away easily, and is easy to clean. More available trim color combinations complement this model’s stylish design.

The LG VR6340LV Square Hombot, also known as The Corner Master, is great for anyone who has a cat that likes to dress in a shark costume and ride about, on the kitchen floor.–No, really, this premier vacuum does all the work for you, so you can be about the business of other endeavors. With its unique square design, it’s a Corner Master, as it can reach deeply into corners with unsurpassed precision. It’s collision safe, and the advanced design includes Turbo Mode, for the most thorough cleaning, ever. It even takes you through the “how-to” process, with an included Learning Function.

The LG Roboking VR6380LVMC Dual Sensor 2.0 is every bit as stylish as it is powerful, with a Smart HEPA filter, and its very own Robot Dual Eye Camera. It features a 1.5 cm. side brush, for added cleaning thoroughness insurance. Three ultrasonic waves effectively sense a full 180 degrees in front of the unit, for superior performance. It changes its own settings according to changes in the flooring surface type, and it actually memorizes the location of the furniture in a room, for precision in movement.


The LG VH-9211D Bed VACUUM Cleaner is Antibacterial and anti Allergy , from the innovatively designed Dual Punch /Dual Hepa-Filter. It’s ergonomically designed, with a convenient one-touch dust collection bin, and ideally positioned control buttons. It offers a great way to effectively vacuum hair from the bed, for a fresh night’s sleep.


The LG LG VS7301SCW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a handy, cordless stick vacuum. With an anti-hair brush and a dual lithium battery, it’s hygienic and clean.


The LG Vacuum Cleaner VC4035LHAMY is ultra compact, but extremely powerful in removing every trace of dust and dirt from any home. Powerful filtration with a HEPA 13 filter type. All the most modern attachments for superior cleaning.