ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) recently announced that it offers paperless pre-approved instant personal loans online for all people from around the world, regardless of the time of day. This highly innovative concept was initially introduced five months ago.

The program, according to the official statements, was inspired by the commitment that the bank has to help people that want to achieve their ambitions. The focus is placed on eliminating processing periods associated with lending approvals so that instant online crediting becomes possible.

Prior to this, it was not difficult to get online personal loans up to $15,000, but the restrictions still applied. The process could still be pretty lengthy. ADCB now has pre-approved customers logging into accounts online and completing a simple three-step application process. The funds are then approved and the personal loan is credited to the consumer’s account.

The Head of Retail Banking for ADCB, Abdul Shakeel Abdul Hameed, highlighted that the people that applied for personal loans always needed funds as soon as possible. In most cases, they need the cash for urgent medical treatment or personal emergencies. The bank is trying to accommodate potential customers that have these needs through a cutting edge, revolutionary, and innovative service. This means consumers can easily receive the funds that they need to take care of the financial problem in a short period of time, all without any hassles.

ADCB is well-known for maintaining high standards of customer service efficiency and excellence. The bank has always stated that these were its main priorities. The online personal loans will take advantage of the Internet Banking platform that they have, which has won several awards. It is focused on delivering fund credits in a really simple way, one that is easy to understand and accessible by everyone.

Those that heard about instant paperless personal loans received the news with good words. Ana Barredo, a recent receiver of such a loan, declared that as a working mother it was challenging to go to the bank and run errands. This was time that she wanted to spend with children. She stated that ADCB did deliver on all the promises that were initially offered. The process was reviewed as being easy, simple and really quick. The funds were immediately transferred to the account that she had.

It was highlighted that the pre-approved customers will receive official notifications every single month. That notification will inform about eligibility about the current instant loan facility that is present at ADCB. This will highly depend on the credit behavior history and the profile of the customer.

Although the instant paperless personal loans offered by ADCB are currently seen with great eyes by all potential customers, we need to realize that we are still talking about loans. You want to take advantage of the loans only in the event that you really need the money in order to deal with a financial difficulty.