The road seems to be bumpy for the supposed ex-lovers of the Vampire Series, as Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are seething under a submissive tension, between the two. While the crew members are looking to pacify the matters, it seems we won’t be seeing the leading lady anymore, associated with this popular TV Series.

Paul Wesley, starring as Stefan Salvatore, still considers Dobrev as a part of the big family. He was found quoting that Elena Gilbert is an integral part of the show and the qualms revolving around here death are surfacing only to keep the plot from losing its sheen. Somerhalder’s interview was heartening as usual, keeping a wrap on the growing tension with Dobrev. He stated that Elena’s role has been kept a tad mysterious, only for a purpose. This would allow her to re-enter the show at any given instant, as quoted by the male lead but according to believable sources, Nina is concentrating on the larger things in hand.

The glitterati reveals that this 26-year old has bagged a few movies and TV shows that would allow her to showcase the potential, in the best of ways. We would love to watch free movies online but Nina’s upcoming horror movie, ‘”The Final Girls”, will be revisiting comedy as a genre and would certainly pull audience to the theatres. This isn’t all of it as she will also be a part of an indie drama, the ‘Arrivals’ that would also start Maisie Williams.

Nina might also star is an upcoming television series, “The Notebook” that is being produced by the legendary, Nicholas Spark. If rumours are to be believed, Nina’s movie might soon show up at the theatres and even at the best movie streaming sites, owing to her unprecedented popularity. The irony, however, is the way she has opted out of the ‘Vampire Diaries’ tagging the same as a ‘Closed Chapter’.