Catena Media Acquires Right Casino Media

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Business Feature

Catena Media, a lead generation company with its main focus on marketing and exploring new markets has took one step forward to reinforce its status and position as one of Europe rapidly growing lead generation companies. It has focus on markets in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and Netherlands. Catena Media is primarily operating in online casino and then online gaming and will enhance its product offering to include the highly expanding pay-per-click (PPC) area, with the acquirement of UK Company Right Casino Media.

Right Casino Media, accompany with its main focus on building high-class customers for gaming websites. The company would be now be known by the name Catena Media as it is being acquired entirely. The company is London-based, technology-driven with well developed platforms and has specialty in PPC marketing.

Catena Media’s CEO Robert Andersson, has made comment that this acquisition of online casino comparison site RightCasino  will open new areas for the company and will enhance their product offering since Right Casino has been in PPC area. Catena Media will attain new heights with positive values contributed by the company as the company has proficiency in PPC.

In 2015, Right casino has made remarkable progress in terms of growth and profitability. Overall Sales recorded for the first three quarters were EUR 892, 000, with slightly more than 55 percent gross margin. The company has grown significantly and builds its repute in market, especially in UK and France which are two major markets.

London office of Right Casino Media will be takeover by the Catena Media with its ten employees. David Merry, Founder of Right Casino Media has commented on acquisition that this will strengthen their status and position in the UK market with generating more opportunities under the vision and ambition of Catena Media.

USD 9 million is the purchase consideration of acquisition, out of which USD 3 million will be paid on the date of acquisition. I n the upcoming two years an, annual amount will be linked to company’s financial performance. Maximum of USD 6 million may be the total variable amount. The agreement was signed on October 23, and is scheduled to be finalized on November 1, 2015.

With acquisition Catena Media is looking forward that this will throw in positivity and acquisition will contribute to net profits of the company. As a part of Catena Media’s growth strategy it has acquired Right Casino Media, in line with recent acquisition of two smaller networks Gambling Metropolis in Finland and La Luna Marketing in the Netherlands.

The vision of Catena Media is to strengthen its position in the important markets with retaining its leading position and expanding in the new ones and becoming the number one.

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