Restaurants Worldwide are Preparing for Holiday Travelers

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Travel Featured

The holiday season will soon be underway. In addition to retailers, restaurants will also make preparations for the influx of holiday travelers. Whether you choose to spend the holiday letting your favorite restaurant prepare a meal for you or you dine out in the days leading up to this special time of year, restaurants are pulling out all of the stops in hopes of beating the competition.

Making New Traditions

Holiday travel, hectic lives and convenience are just a few of the many reasons why people eat out around and on the holidays. While restaurants in the past chose to close their doors or limit their hours, many of them are vying for the customer’s business. Whether you’re hitting the open road alone or spending the holidays with family and friends, this is a great opportunity for you to make new traditions. Since you don’t have to worry about cooking, diners are free to concentrate on catching up and focusing on time together as a family.

Creating a Homey Environment

Restaurants want their diners to feel just as comfortable at their dining establishment as they would be at their own home on the holidays. That’s why many adorn their eateries with festive restaurant décor that showcases a particular holiday. Setting the mood also goes beyond brilliant colors of fall foliage, shimmery holiday trees and lighting. Many are adding comfort through their restaurant furniture, pretty table settings and friendly hospitality.

Family Favorites

While you may not be able to enjoy stuffing the way your grandma or mom used to prepare this favorite side dish while dining out, restaurants are focusing on some amazing side dishes that are reminiscent of home. Traditional mashed potatoes are a favorite accompaniment on any holiday dinner table. However, variations can include adding truffles, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, sour cream and crisp bacon. If you watch your carbs, they may substitute mashed cauliflower for the potatoes. Other favorite traditions most diners won’t want to do without include roasted turkey, prime rib, King crab legs, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, gravy and buttered rolls.


A lot of thought, preparation and money goes into entertaining friends and family over the holidays. That’s why so many people are leaving it up to the professionals when it comes to meal preparation. The costs incurred when purchasing the ingredients can also quickly add up. To entice diners into their restaurants, many owners are offering attractive incentives and prices. Whether they invite you to take part in their endless buffet or holiday family dinners, the price to eat out is significantly less than what it would cost to buy and prepare the same meal. If you miss the leftovers that typically come with preparing your own holiday meal, many restaurants are also offering to box up any remaining food for the guests.

No Clean Up

The holiday meal is just a sampling of the reasons people choose to dine out during this festive time of year. Office work parties generally hold appreciation dinners and celebrations for their employees for a job well done. Family reunions, book clubs and friends catching up may be other important reasons for a holiday celebration. Instead of having one person delegated to shopping, cooking and cleaning up once the event culminates, a restaurant can recognize the hassles and take responsibility for them. They can do this by offering first class amenities from food preparation and service to clean up and boxing up leftovers. Restaurants also have the man power, room and supplies to serve as hosts to the many holiday gatherings. Without having to worry about the details, guests are left to enjoy this special time of year with their loved ones.

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