In a bit of entertainment news, a lawsuit filed over a year ago against the rapper 2Chainz has now been dismissed. Christine Chisholm, who was suing 2Chainz for 5 million dollars in damages, will now no longer be able to collect this amount after a judge dismissed the case.

In a video posted online, rapper 2Chainz was seen calling Chistolm a “THOT” (Or That Ho Over There). The video was then seen by millions of people, and Chisholm claims that as a result, she lost her job, and was harassed. During one of 2Chainz’s concerts, Chisholm claims she was invited backstage by fellow rapper Cap 1, whnthe footage was shot. In it, 2Chainz can be seen calling Chisholm a THOT several times. At the end of the video, Chisholm can be seen being removed by security.

Christine Chisholm, 26, claimed that after the video was posted online, she has been harassed, and  lost her job at a barber shop. She says she was fired because the shop did not want any negative publicity due to the video.

To see the original video that caused this entire mess, click here. The video begins with 2Chainz walking backstage, talking to some of his friends. Chisholm can be seen down a hallway, presumably in a line to get back there. The video then cuts to 2Chainz talking with Chisholm, asking her name (“Teena”), and joking around with his friends.

Several times throughout this exchange, Chisholm is referred to as a THOT by 2Chainz. Then, 2Chainz asks Cap 1 if he knows this woman, to which Cap 1 replies that he only knows her through Instagram. 2Chainz explains that they thought she was a different Tina, and asks her to leave. After trying to start another conversation with 2Chainz, security asks her to leave, which she does.

After claiming that the video tarnished her reputation, news stories started to leak about her criminal history. One source says that Chisholm had been arrested for drunk driving at least twice, for which she served 60 days in jail. In addition, she has also been arrested for second-degree trespassing, assaulting a public transit operator, shoplifting, and violating her parole.

Now, according to TMZ, a North Carolina judge has thrown out the 2Chainz/Chisholm case, deciding that the term “THOT,” did not reach the level of “extreme or outrageous” conduct. 2Chainz will not be obliged to pay the $5 million in damages Chisholm says she was due. Whether or not there will be more legal steps taken down the road, either by Chisholm or 2Chainz, remains to be seen, but for now at least it looks like this story has come to a close.

Tauheed Epps, most commonly known by his stage name 2 Chainz, is an American rapper from Georgia. He started gaining recognition as half of the duo Playaz Circle, alongside friend Earl “Dolla Boy” Conyers. After signing onto the Disturbing tha Peace Label by fellow southern rapper Ludacris, he released his debut single “Duffle Bag Boy.” Since then he has released two studio albums under Def Jam Records, with several of the singles going gold.