Tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for warts. This oil has been used for years to treat different skin ailments with great success. The main reason why this essential oil works so well at killing warts is because it attacks the virus that causes warts to show up in the first place. The name of this virus is the human papillomavirus and it attacks the upper layer of the skin to cause warts to develop. The warts that develop look a lot like cauliflower and it will show up on different areas of your body like your feet, hands, eyelids, and genitals.

The Melaleuca alternifolia tree is the name of the plant that tea tree oil is created from. This tree primarily grows in Australia and it has very powerful antiseptic qualities that give it the agility to fight off viral infections like warts. The main component in tea tree oil that allows it to kill of warts is terpenoids, whish is a very potent antiviral and antibacterial agent. The great thing about using tea tree oil is the fact that it gets rid of the warts for good. It does this by eliminating the virus itself and not just the visible wart on top of the skin. This is the problem with most medications that treat warts. They don’t attack the root cause of the problem only the warts that grows out of the skin.

The best way to apply tea tree oil is to rub it directly onto the affected area a few times each day. Some people will dilute it, but it’s best to leave it undiluted to get the full effect. If you find that your skin becomes irritated after application then it might be best for you to dilute it a little with some water. To dilute this essential oil you simply make a solution of 50% tea tree oil and 50% water or olive oil. Most experts agree that this natural solution works really well when it comes to treating genital warts. However, you can use this homemade solution on any variation of warts. It’s important to note that when you apply the oil onto the affected area you should leave it there overnight and let it soak in. The more you apply this remedy the faster your warts will end up going away.

Once the tea tree oil solution penetrates the tissue of the warts it will start going to work on the virus itself. Once the virus is removed the warts will disappear and they won’t return. Another great way to use tea tree oil is to drop a few drops of it into a warm footbath and soak your feet in it for a half an hour. This is a great treatment method for removing plantar warts. Your skin will eventually get soft and then you can begin scrubbing off the warts using a pumice stone. After you’re done scrubbing your feet dry them off and add some more drops of tea tree oil on the area where the warts once were. Even better, you can tape a gauze that’s been soaked in tea tree oil on the affected area and leave it on overnight. When you wake up in the morning remove the gauze and rinse off your feet.

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